NameJet Tip: Display More Names


For quite some time, I’ve been frustrated that I could only display 25 domain names on a page at NameJet. There is no drop down menu at the bottom of the lists, and scrolling through each page takes up extra time I don’t always have, especially when searching through names that need to be backordered within seconds.

I want to share a tip I just learned to help you display up to 100 domain names at a time when you’re searching NameJet. When logged in, click the “My Account” link. Below this, click on the “Settings” link. Finally click on the 3 tab on the right, “My Preferences.”

On this page, you can select whether to display 25, 50, or 100 domain names per page. In addition, you can also select the three newsletters as well as the NameJet news and updates email.  It takes just a few seconds to do, but I bet it will save you quite a bit of time when you’re trying to take care of some last second backorders.

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  1. Thanks for that!

    I love it when sites let you simultaneously look at 500 or more items in a list, e.g., dynadot, godaddy, whypark. While this isn’t that, 100 is much less annoying than 25 🙂

    Another tip for you that may be useless if you don’t use the service: with’s deleting list, you can only look at 250 items at a time through their options, but you can increase that # up to 1k by editing the # in the url after “per_page_count”.

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