How to Get News Featured on a Domain Blog or Website


I know, it’s not like my blog is CNN or Fox News, where a featured story means you either did something really good or really bad. However, it’s not always easy to get your news posted on a domain blog.

Here are a few tips for people that want others in the domain business to read their news:

1) Be nice. This goes for everything, but if you happen to be a nice person, I am probably more likely to write an article.

2) In the email that includes your press release, provide a summary of what your news is about. I think just about every blogger also either has a full time job or his own domain business to manage, so the easier it is to understand, the better.

3) Submit your news article to the site where you’d like it seen the most. Most of us don’t like to post the same article (unless we have a different take or it’s very important), so if you submit it to everyone and one blog posts it, it’s likely others won’t.

4) Make sure your news either impacts my business where I’d want to write something about it, or it impacts the domain industry as a whole. No offense, but if you just launched a mini site on an average domain name, it’s not news that will be interesting to most people.

5) Don’t make your press release too “sales focused.” I am happy to publish an article about a new product or service that will benefit others in the industry, but I not going to turn a post into a sales pitch.

6) Be nice.

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  1. Well Elliot, you know that I’m always nice. It’s just that I never have anything important enough to report to warrant a mention in your blog. 🙂 On a more important note than the domain business, I can’t believe how the Red Sox are killing us so far.

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