NameJet Bidding: I Wish There Was a Reminder Email

I was outbid on the NameJet auction for, and I didn’t want to bid higher until the final moments of the auction. I figured that I would end up having a better chance to get the name at a better price if I was bidding incrementally in the closing minutes rather than showing my interest ahead of time. With an hour and a half to go, I decided to run a couple errands and come back to the auction.

Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to re-visit the auction and it ended before I could place another bid. Th domain name sold for a very reasonable $3,523. Perhaps I would have won it had I come back, or perhaps the winning bidder would have bid more. Maybe even someone else would have become involved with bidding after seeing closing action. Whatever the case is, the auction would have yielded a higher result had I bid again.

In any case, I want to propose an additional feature to NameJet. Perhaps there can be an option to send a reminder email when the auction is in its waning moments, maybe a 30 minute reminder or something along those lines. I receive emails when I am outbid, but if I am not a high bidder, I only receive the daily email notice at the end of the day. I suppose I could set my own auction reminders in my calendar, but it would be easier if I received an email instead of having to do extra work, especially if I think I am going to be right here but end up getting distracted.

When I am actively bidding on several auctions, it’s easier to stay focused and bid on the names I want. However, when it’s just one or two names I am looking at during the day, it’s easy to lose track of time and forget to come back to an auction. It might make sense to add a reminder notification auction to NameJet auctions.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hey Elliot,

    I think that’s really cool that you would of paid such a price tag for the domain I live in South Africa and I am a domainer, I frequent your blog and learn with every post, not only learn though I field test it and try the tips what you suggest however also tweak them to suit me. I have sold 2 of combine value of $4,000 so far and I am now brokering domains. What I would like to ask from you sir is, do you own any domains?

    Viva South Africa!

  2. DDarryl has been doing well from what he has told me of his recent sales. Com is king due to familiarity in the mind of the people throughout many countries. I think this factor mainly makes a difference in TLD value across the board.

    @Elliot I don’t think there is a question that the domain is a nice catch at $3500. Domains like this can draw great traffic and attention if developed right. It taps into the travel market nicely.


  3. SouthAfrica dot net is heavily promoted on the radio but the traffic is going to the dot com

    Well, Elliot- aren’t you glad you lost , money saved!!

  4. @ Scott

    On some days, I am bidding on 10 names and it’s pretty consistent. It would be annoying to do that every day.

    I guess it might be annoying to receive 10 emails a day, too. I suppose if I could check off a box to request an email on the names I really want, it might be beneficial.

  5. Elliot-stop giving excuses.

    As the saying goes–if you really want it , you will do whatever it takes to get the domain…even not going to the bathroom–that what diapers are for.

  6. @Sole Designer .Com is King for sure. is my ccTLD and to me it is like my .Com, Strange thing here in South Africa I have seen is when you tell people your website here locally, they finish your words as if expect you to be a which it most of the time is and when you ask for business peoples website it does end in I think it has to do with our online commerce, being Proudly South African, the companies that are online here, either just have the or have both the .com and however the .com redirects to the

  7. @ Bulls

    I have no need to give excuses. To me, it’s just another name I would like to have owned but didn’t. It was lost revenue for NameJet, because even if I didn’t win, it would have meant a higher result.

  8. Happen to me to many times,even yesterday.
    I usually set up my iphone clock and i did but i was in the middle of an e’mail which captured me ,by the time i remembered it was gone.

  9. I use Google Calendar, and set a series of incremental emails and pop-ups to remind me. I get notified via my phone and computer – helps tremendously.

  10. Sorry to hear.. I hope you grab some other name very soon. I actually have reminders set on my iPhone for each auction ending time. It reminds me 5 minutes before the end of the auction. Some outbid emails go to my spam email, so I don’t rely on email at all.

  11. I’ve lost count of how many auctions I’ve missed out. I usually set reminders on my phone, but it’s easy to forget to do that. I’m not sure if reminders are a feature in Protrada (which I haven’t tried and am not affiliated with), but it would be a great service to provide. NJ should look into this. With GD, at least you have the benefit of a “watch list” and outbid notices, although sometimes there’s a lag with those.

  12. Why not contact the winning bidder and see if they would consider selling for a quick profit. If it was a deal at $3500 you can’t go too wrong adding a grand or two over for the chance to buy it.

  13. Yeah right. That would require people at namejet caring about adding value lol. They barely answer their phone let alone develop

  14. Nice domain but for I won’t bid for more than $2k for this domain.

    @Daryl, I have lots of 1 word domains. I believe you are brokering one of my domain 🙂

  15. elliot@
    Thanks to this post i bought VisitWindyCityDotCom from GD few minutes later.It was on the drop list.
    When i sell it i would like to donate to “Ronald Mc Donald House” to show my thankx
    I’m telling 3 day later after the domain got in to my account.


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