Namecheap Launches Website Builder

During the NamesCon conference today, Namecheap announced that it launched its website builder, Visual, which can be found on the brand match The news was shared by a Namecheap’ representative, and since the news wasn’t announced via press release or through the Namecheap Twitter account, I am going to assume this was a soft launch:

(Tweet Deleted)

Visual is a great name with aesthetically pleasing branding. Users have the option to create and manage a website, create a logo, or create a business card. All of these service options can be tried at no cost. It looks like many of the links on the Visual website go directly to the Namecheap website.

Most noticeably off the bat, I think it is interesting that Namecheap did not launch its website builder platform under its own branding. Quite a few competitors have their own web building tools, but they operate under their own branding rather than creating a unique and independent brand. It will be interesting to see how Namecheap markets the platform to its customers. Visual promotes its relationship with Namecheap on the website so customers understand who operates the website.

From a domain perspective, is a valuable asset. I understand the domain name was acquired a few years ago, and I also understand it was sold for six figures.

I look forward to seeing how Visual grows as Namecheap promotes it to its customers and others who are looking for website building tools.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Automation website builders are a huge growth area and fill a void for small business. I’d like to discuss white labeling a domain I have YourSiteBuilder(dot)com with them. I’ve been researching this and have some great ideas.

  2. This is the absolute worst website builder I have ever used in my life. I can’t believe they think people can use this to run their business

  3. The good news:

    1.Superb .com from which to provide these services.

    2. Wise not to use for such services; given that they’re (apparently) going after actual biz owners for these services. “Namecheap” sounds . . . well . . . cheap (not in a good way). Fine for domainers (and those who believe they are one); bad for everyone else.

    Now the (very) bad news:

    I wish them well . . . but they’re entering a mature, settled “marketplace of monsters” who will — sadly — eat their lunch . . . for breakfast.

  4. If I understood correctly, they launched it under it’s own brand and that is good. The reason I say that is, I changed my cell phone number well over a year ago and have been plummeted with spam.

    Being a baby domainer, I know how to look up these domains that are spamming me and I have saved every one of them because, low and behold, every single one of them is registered at NameCheap. Not GoDaddy or any other registrar, NAMECHEAP!

    When the messages were waking me up in the middle of the night, after 9:00PM and before 5:00am after I worked a ten or 12 hour day in construction six days a week, I seriously considered getting an attorney. I don’t make their kind of money and it is way too hard to even begin to contact them to beg them to put a stop to it.

    I do not buy from them and I would not recommend that kind of business that supports spam to my dog! The owner should be ashamed!!

    They leave a bad taste in my mouth, because working my butt off the hours I did, my sleep was continuously disturbed by their customers and they could give a crap less because they have lawyer money. Not my opinion, fact! I have over a years worth of records on my phone.

    Thank you for letting me rant, maybe the owner will take a look and attempt to clean up the trash they host. I appreciate you Elliot and I apologize for venting. They just make me sick. 🙁

  5. I too Debora, get bombarded with spam emails and 99% are registered at namecheap. I use the company, but if they know their customer kyc, then they would know who is behind all the spam. I am glad you said something, i needed to know someone else noticed.
    They should be notified or Elliot could maybe do a write up?

  6. Crappy product. I wanted to give it an honest go but found it wasn’t coherent to use nor offered the support I needed to ensure everything got working. I recommend people look elsewhere for a website builder

  7. I trust the opinion of and gave Visual a shot. My overall impression is that the product needs work. I have experience with a plethora of website builders and this one ranks in one of the worst I’ve used. The bar has been set high by the top web developing companies and unfortunately Visual isn’t up to the par.


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