My Needlepoint Belt


I’ve been on vacation and saw quite a few people wearing preppy needlepoint belts. Most of the belts I noticed had nautical themes (flags, anchors, fish…etc.), local designs, or other fun themes. I thought the belts were nice looking, but aside from the patriotic designs, nothing really resonated with me enough to make a purchase.

I did a bit of searching via Google and Etsy, and I found a company that could custom design and make a needlepoint belt just for me. Here is the design I approved for production:

Yeah, a .com belt might be a bit silly, but I bet it will be a good conversation starter. When I am wearing my belt at a party, a restaurant, or even at a conference, I am sure people will ask me what it means. I will be glad to tell people I am a domain investor and .com domain names are my specialty.

i should have it just in time for ICANN Barcelona in October.


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