My First and Last Buys of 2018

Last year, I bought around 200 domain names in the aftermarket. This includes auction purchases as well as private acquisitions. This is about 10% more domain names than I bought in 2017, although the spend was down because there were a couple of outliers in 2017. I think I hand registered more domain names than usual last year, although I don’t know how many I registered.

The first domain name I bought in 2018 was I bought that domain name at NameJet and the total paid was $169.13 including the fees. I still own the domain name and don’t think I received any serious inquiries during the year. I think it could be used by an ISP or possibly even a campaign related to net neutrality or something along those lines.

The final domain name purchase of the year was I bought that domain name at GoDaddy Auctions for $12 plus the renewal fee for one year – so a little more than $20. I do not have the domain name in my GoDaddy account yet. I think this would be a neat political news brand name.

All in all, 2018 ended on a strong note.

Here’s to a prosperous 2019. Fortunately, my first deal of 2019 is already in the books (it transacted at late on Friday night but doesn’t get closed out until tomorrow because of the holiday).

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Elliot- Happy New Years and congrats on your success in 2018.

    My last purchase of 2018 was for a whopping $5+ $8 renewal closeout Godaddy name.
    I hand registered more .com’s then I can remember in 2018.
    My last sale of 2018 was a hand reg from 2017 KELLYF/O/U/N/D/A/T/I/O/ that is a $XXXX sale.
    Looking forward to an amazing 2019…

  2. Was surprised that I was able to hand reg this
    Sold a couple of marijuana domains( there are in demand and more so in the coming years) for 6 figures that I hand regged those with the 99cent coupons from GD a while back.(oh yea remember the good old days)
    I hand reg all my domains and bought those 4L when they were dirt cheap like $12 a piece or 5 domains for just $50…domains like,,,—from someone who said s/he is a domain investor or professional and now s/he is the sucker!! 4l domains are rising in value!!

    2019 will be a damn good year and so will be 2020…..

  3. Thanks for sharing Elliot. Very interesting. My first registration in 2018 was And last registration of 2018 was Only purchase from an auction was, which is LIVE now. Officially launching later this month, it will be a site dedicated to pure City and County .com names….all geos. Happy New Year everyone. Fred.

  4. Funny how you mentioned Net neutrality, which almost nobody is thinking about anymore now, but there has been a massive hurricane of Internet censorship in recent months.

  5. Elliot
    Happy new year and thank you for all you share with us.

    I have a question for you, what percentage of your domains listed for sale do you expect to sell every quarter?


    • I don’t really set any expectations because the quantity of sales has never really mattered for me. I’d rather have 2 six figure sales each month than 20 four figure sales.

  6. First 2018 buy was Last was
    I mainly buy one word dotcom’s at auction these days but some of my handreg’s are:

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