More Sales Data Coming from DAN and GoDaddy


In the coming months, we will begin to see more domain name sales data shared publicly by two of the largest domain name sales platforms. This morning, GoDaddy and DAN separately announced that more domain name sales transacted on their platforms will be publicly shared and reported.

DAN announced its privacy policy change on Twitter, providing details about how sellers are able to opt out of sharing sales they transact on the platform:

In the Privacy section of the DAN control panel settings, sellers will see the following message:

“Would you like to publish your sales or keep them private?

By enabling this option we will not publish or share your sales on our marketplace (our public pages like our homepage and blockchain explorer) or to any third parties.”

You can see how this looks within my own dashboard, with the check box ticked to keep my domain name sales private (here are a few reasons why I prefer privacy):

GoDaddy also announced that the company will be sharing the top 20 monthly sales transacted via its platform. I was told by a GoDaddy representative that GoDaddy “will share a curated monthly list of our public top sales including domain name and the corresponding price of the transaction. This will begin in October with our June sales. Clearly, no personally identifiable information (PII) will ever be shared.

People who do not want their sales shared publicly can request privacy by either contacting their account manager or sending an email to

As an investor, I always enjoy reading about other people’s domain name sales. Investors and platforms have different reasons for sharing their sales data or keeping them private, and it is important for users to understand that their sales information may be shared if they do not request privacy.


  1. “As an investor, I always enjoy reading about other people’s domain name sales. ” except yours!!

    When GD publishes the sales, it will attract more attention and more people will get their domains on their platforms.

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    Domain King Academy

      • A few of mine have been published, but the only one I reported that I can recall is

        I have no interest in telling you or anyone else what I sold so you guys can try and buy similar names or compete with me at auctions.

  2. FYI looks like DAN recently made an update to this setting to make it easier to understand, but it may have reverted the previous selection. I noticed this today.

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