Moniker Live Auction Results 2008 TRAFFIC New York

Subscribe to Elliot's BlogThe Moniker Live Auction at TRAFFIC New York ended yesterday, reaching a grand total of $2,967,500 in sales. Quite simply, the well-priced good names sold (many above the reserve category).   I believe the final results of the auction were better than most expected, which was boosted by the sale of (and a small package of similar names).
For the most part, it appears that the most “usable” domains sold for the big money. Aside from a few of the .me names that sold for over $20,000, this was a very conservative auction.   Domain investors (myself included) are being more cautious about where to allocate funds, and it’s hard to justify spending tens of thousands of dollars on a domain name if the domain’s usage isn’t obvious.
Personally, I believe was the steal of the show. Not only is a huge modular carpet and flooring company known as FLOR (pronounced “floor”), but it is the category defining domain name for a multi-billion dollar industry.   If FLOR did not buy this domain name, it could be a deadly mistake, as a competitor now owns the best name in their industry. That’s the problem with buying a “brandable” web 2.0 name, when the category defining generic domain may come on the market.
Below is the final auction tally, with my personal favorite best buys highlighted.   All in all, this was a successful auction.   Combined with the other auctions, there were almost $4 million in domain sales these past few days.           $800,000                         $275,000                         $110,000                               $100,000                   $100,000                   $90,000     $80,000                           $70,000                               $70,000                               $70,000                 $60,000                                 $45,000             $40,000                     $40,000                 $40,000                 $35,000                       $35,000                               $32,500                             $32,500                           $30,000               $30,000                     $30,000     $25,000       $22,500     $22,500                     $22,500                 $21,000                     $21,000                               $20,000                                 $20,000                   $20,000                         $20,000               $20,000                         $20,000         $19,000                 $18,500                                 $17,500                   $16,000                 $15,000                               $15,000                   $15,000 $15,000                     $13,500                           $13,000                   $12,500                   $12,500                             $12,000               $12,000                   $12,000             $11,000                 $11,000                     $11,000                       $11,000                         $11,000                               $10,000                 $10,000                 $10,000                     $10,000           $9,000   $9,000           $8,500                                 $8,000 (benefits the ICA)                 $8,000                               $8,000               $7,500                               $7,500                                 $7,500                 $7,000     $7,000   $6,500                                 $6,000                 $6,000         $6,000                     $6,000                 $5,500                         $5,000                           $5,000         $5,000                 $5,000                 $4,500   $4,500     $4,500                 $4,000   $3,000                           $3,000                   $3,000   $3,000   $3,000                             $3,000                         $3,000               $3,000               $2,500       $2,500                       $2,500             $2,450                       $2,000                         $2,000                               $2,000                               $1,500                             $1,500                               $750
TOTAL     $2,967,500

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Agree with you. Well priced domains sold.
    Also everyone should take note of what I have been saying for over a year, that is for this particular auction (moniker live traffic) if you put domains at low or no reserves your going to get a fair price.
    would have sold for $70K if it had a 70K reserve instead of no reserve? I think it wouldn’t have gotten a bid.
    There were many domains like this including all the .me ($5K reserves) that went as high as 70K.
    As far as your best buys happy to say I had 2 on your list, and which I thought was the steal of the show
    Great seeing you

  2. The problem is when you already purchased your domain for big bucks, you cannot risk potential buyers not be present in the auction!
    So I understand that some people can be reluctant to decrease their domain’s reserves.
    This is more true for top premium names in vertical sectors where the value is only/mainly very huge for the people of this industry. Their lack of presence involves the name will sell under his potential value.
    On my hand I found and be solid domains for fair prices, these were the ones I won.

  3. The state of our industry is what everyone is saying and to be honest i think the industry is doing well! Its slow on the low end but these domains got some great prices!

  4. I can hardly believe what happened, I recently was so frustrated with carpet cleaners because I had been ripped off so many times over the years. But recently I learnt of the carpet cleaning consumer guide at and the fast information on that website truly made all the difference. I finally hired someone trustworthy. They were a bit more expensive up-front compared to many others BUT they didn’t charge me any extra like all the others I previously hired. Thank you to the carpet cleaning consumer guide.

  5. Does anyone know when Moniker will release the results of the extended silent auction? I had four names accepted but can’t get a response from them if any sold etc. thanks,

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