Future Media Architechts (FMA) Launches Websites


Subscribe to Elliot's BlogOne of the most prolific domain owners in the world has announced the launch of several key websites. Future Media Architects, owners and operators of websites such as DJ.net, MP3.tv, Media.com, and i.net, has announced the launch of the following websites:
EFX.com – Children’s development toys using sounds and effects
Palette.com – Color tools, resources, and information
OSK.com – On screen keyboard information and tool
AI.com – Information and news about artificial intelligence
Cooperators.com – Meeting place and resource for people looking to cooperate to make the world a better place for everyone
Future Media Architects, which is led by domain pioneer (and my friend) Thunayan Khalid AL-Ghanim, also announced that Ibiza.com will soon be launched.   Thunayan is one of the most dynamic people in the domain industry, and it’s great to see his company continue to develop its domain properties.   FMA has a policy to never sell their domain names, and with their strong development strategy, it isn’t surprising.
Congratulations and cheers to Thunayan and his team at FMA.


  1. Yeah they own some great names!
    I recently tried to buy a domain from them on behalf of one of my clients and they wouldnt sell under any circumstance!
    I think its great how some people arent effected by cash when they have a vision and thats GREAT!
    Good Luck To Them!

  2. OSK is hardly a website.
    Development is a process of many stages. While this may not impress some, it will be indexed in the search engines, while parked pages don’t usually have that luxury. You have to crawl before you can walk and run.

  3. Congratulations to Thunayan (E——) on the new websites.
    He does have an excellent ability to think outside of the box.
    However, it will take a lifetime to develop all of his premium domains.
    Elliot, please keep us posted on his additional projects.

  4. Yes Thunayan Khalid AL-Ghanim is a great guy. About 2-3 years ago I had a 3 letter .US domain and received a letter from a company trying to reverse highjack the domain from me. I sent an email to the owners in the other extensions and FMA was the owner of the .NET. Thunayan actually called me on the phone and gave me some great advise and told me this happens to them all the time and that the company was probably just trying to intimidate me/us to try to hand over the domains for free. I never replyed to their letter and never heard from them again. I guess they were hoping to intimidate all us domain owners, but they were unsuccessful, because to this day they own none of the three letter domains in any extension.

  5. I respect Thunayan’s/FMA’s policy “to never sell” their domain names, but I’m curious whether or not that means he would ever be open “to a trade” — one to help a fellow domainer with his own strong/unique development strategy?

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