Sells for $400,000 AUD (Updated)


Cooper Mills Lawyers, a technology focused law firm from Melbourne, Australia reported the sale of the domain name for $400,000 AUD. At today’s exchange rate, that is just shy of $280,000 USD. The law firm represented the buyer on this transaction. The deal was shared in a blog post and via Twitter:

In looking at DNJournal’s year to date sales report, the sale of will rank in the top 15 publicly reported domain name sales of the year. It surpasses last week’s $270,000 sale of and below the $335,000 sale of Free.Games. This sale is the largest ccTLD domain name sale of the year, easily beating out the $68,000 sale of Swipe.IO. (See update below)

According to NameBio, this $400,000 AUD / $280,000 USD sale is Australia’s largest ccTLD domain name sale of all time. The prior record holder is the $127,501 sale of in 2011. The only other publicly reported six figure sales were ($103,400), ($100,320), ($100,000) and ($100,000).

It looks like the buyer has already launched his website on

Update: I just learned that this deal closed in 2018 but was just reported this week. Ron Jackson archived it in the 2018 domain name sales report, where it stands as the 29th largest sale of the year.

Thanks to Erhan Karabardak of Cooper Mills Lawyers for sharing news of this domain name sale.


  1. I’d say is probably worth around $50m so the math adds up.
    Very promising sale for a rather restrictive cc like

  2. โ€œthis $400,000 AUD / $280,000 USD sale is Australiaโ€™s largest ccTLD domain name sale of all timeโ€

    That is a sad statistic.

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