4 Hyphen 5 Word Domain Name Subject of UDRP


Typically, the domain names that stand out the most to me when I review recent UDRP filings are the one word or very short acronym .com domain names that have substantial value. This afternoon, I noticed a UDRP filing at WIPO that definitely does not meet that criteria!

A company called Power Horse Energy Drinks GmbH filed a UDRP on the 5 word, 4 hyphen domain name, Power-Horse-World-Team-Cup.com. Yes, the company paid 4 figures to file the UDRP, not including attorney fees. The case is WIPO Case D2019-1502. Interestingly, the unhyphenated version of this domain name is not registered (although it was before).

Power-Horse-World-Team-Cup.com is just 86 days old, having been registered in early April. Using DomainTools’ Whois History tool and DomainTools’ Screenshot History tool, it looks like the domain name had been registered and used before it expired and was re-registered.

When I visited the domain name today, I saw a picture of a tennis racquet on a clay court with some German content. It looks like there was a German tennis tournament called Power Horse World Team Cup. According to a 2012 news article, the tournament was discontinued after 35 years. If the tournament is no longer in existence, it’s even more strange that a UDRP was filed against this domain name.

Although hyphens are more popular in Europe than the US, particularly in Germany, this UDRP filing seems a bit peculiar to me.


  1. What if they have something valuable registered somewhere with an email address from this domain?

    Power Horse is a good company name, yet not as good as True Horse.

  2. May be it’s somehow related to the energy drink “power-horse.com”, which was the formerly sponsor of the tennis tournament.

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