Media Options Seeking Pet Domain Name


Media Options sent out its newsletter this morning with a domain name buy request. According to the newsletter, Media Options has a client seeking to buy a valuable generic/descriptive pet domain name. The buyer has a budget of up to $250,000, but it could be a bit more or much less depending on the quality of the submissions.

Below is the full newsletter purchase request. It is important to use your good judgment about what to send because it is pretty clear their buyer has something specific in mind.

“We have a buyer looking for a PREMIUM .COM domain name (Do not send anything unless it is .COM and unless it is premium) for a Pet Supply & Pet Health brand.

Good examples of what we are looking for are:,,,,,

Examples of what NOT to send:, Pet.Club, Pet.Horse,, etc.

Budget up to $250,000 but is highly dependent on the domain. They may spend more, but most likely it will be less.

Please send all domain names WITH PRICES. Prices should be reasonable and realistic.

Premium domains command premium prices, but those prices are still justifiable.”


  1. Thanks for posting Elliot. I receive their domain deals newsletter but not the one you’ve posted above.

    Would you kindly advise the email address mentioned in the newsletter to send pet names to. TYIA

  2. It’s amazing how many pet domains are already registered.

    I was going to propose, but someone regged it only 2 days ago. I was also going to suggest, but someone regged that one just last month.


  3. Okay, it’s virtually impossible to find a good pet domain available, even the brandable kind, so it’s no wonder they have opted for this kind of public announcement. But it was a good little exercise.

    Barring a good one being sold, here’s one free to reg. May have potential: (and you’ll want too)

    Not bad for rapid fire short notice.

  4. I owned, which WagWalking, the “Uber for Dogs” with 300 million in funding, acquired in 2017. Amazon acquired to compete with WagWalking and to become the leading the pet supply/food leader. Short one word pet names are hard to find. My fetched a pretty high sale. No idea what paid for It also tried to buy my but the domain already was in escrow. Obviously WagWalking, with 300 million in funding, should have acquired Wag,com before AMZN, especially as the company is expanding into vertical markets — food, care, supply for dogs and cats.

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