Domain Names for 2020 US Presidential Candidates


The United States will be holding its next Presidential election in 2020. The Republican nominee will be President Donald Trump, and there have been more than 20 Democratic candidates who have announced their intention to run for US President. There will be a series of primary elections in each state which will determine the Democratic nominee for President.

I thought it would be interesting to see what candidates own their exact match .com domain names. If the candidate doesn’t have the exact match .com domain name, I wanted to see what domain name was being used for his or her campaign website and what was happening with the exact match .com domain name.

We already know that President Trump owns his exact match, among many other domain names related to him, his family, and his Trump brand. Listed below are the domain names are being used by Democratic Presidential candidates. I used this list on for many of the candidate names.

Because of Whois privacy on many of the domain names mentioned below, I can’t confirm that the candidate owns the domain name, and I can only see which domain name is being used for the campaign website.

Here are the Democratic Presidential candidate domain names that are being used for campaign websites:

  • Joe Biden –
  • Elizabeth Warren –
  • Cory Booker –
  • Bernie Sanders –
  • John Hickenlooper – ( doesn’t resolve to a website)
  • Pete Buttigieg – ( has a GoDaddy lander)
  • Beto O’Rourke
  • Kamala Harris – (the .com forwards to the .org)
  • Tulsi Gabbard – (EMD forwards to
  • Amy Klobuchar –
  • Jay Inslee –
  • Kirsten Gillibrand –
  • Seth Moulton –
  • Steve Bullock –
  • Eric Swalwell –
  • Michael Bennet –
  • Julian Castro – ( forwards to the campaign website)
  • Andrew Yang – ( forwards to campaign website)

Interestingly, it looks like all of the candidates except for six are using their exact match name .com domain name. Of those six, it looks like two, Pete Buttigieg and John Hickenlooper do not own their exact match .com domain names. This is interesting because these two candidates have unique names and I think it seems like they could have a better than average chance of winning a UDRP.


  1. You had to list Biden’s first, ay? The mainstream fake left portion of the media and DNC thank you.

    The best domain there is (She also happens to be the best candidate.) Her campaign makes great use of the domain, like this:

    • P.S. The search is just on “Joe Biden” (without the quotes). I suppose once the higher ups at Google catch wind of this they’ll put a stop to it in order to help Biden and in general the other fake left corporatist establishment candidates like last time with HRC.

  2. Impressive that Donald Trump himself reads and comment (including replying to himself) on this blog.

  3. I remember reading somewhere that domains which are the name of a politician are considered different than domains which are the name of an entertainer, in ACPA or UDRP actions, because the name isn’t considered a commercial mark. I don’t think Joe Biden could get a USPTO mark on “Joe Biden” for use in the field of politics. Someone correct me if that’s wrong.

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