Maven Co-Founder Details Acquisition


Gagan Biyani, a Co-Founder of Udemy, Advisor at Lyft, and former CEO of Sprig, announced the name of his newest startup: Maven. The thing that caught my attention is the domain name that the company is using – The domain name has been owned by General Motors, and in fact, Whois records show the domain name is still registered to GM.

With that in mind, I asked Gagan and his two Co-Founders (Wes Kao and Shreyans Bhansali) if they bought the domain name from GM. Gagan replied with a link to a tweet thread he previously posted sharing the startup naming process his team undertook. He also shared insight into the process of securing the domain name. I think this is a great thread for investors to read for additional insight into the mind of a startup founder seeking a great brand and corresponding domain name.

Here’s the thread:


  1. What is even more interesting is there is a sports media company (that acquired the rights to SportsIlustrated, for one, and they are Maven. I am very skeptical about their ability to survive for many many reasons BUT, how they could not be a player for this domain is mindblowing to me, which I guess speaks to my skepticism.

  2. β€œWe were pessimistic after the call and interpreted their goals as being financially-motivated.”

    What a shock! Startup founder who wants to be a billionaire actually has to pay market price?

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