Mannix Marketing Ranks in Top 30 SEO Companies


Congratulations to Sara and Mark Mannix whose Mannix Marketing, Inc. ranks in the Top 30 Organic Optimization Companies, as ranked by In addition to marketing and SEO services the company provides its customers, Mannix Marketing also owns and operates three of the most informational and best optimized geographic domains/websites;,, and
Sara and Mark have generously shared their knowledge with the entire Associated Cities community, giving other geodomain owners invaluable advice and ideas.


  1. No reflection on Mannix but I’ve got to call BS on that list unfortunately.
    Top 30 SEO companies making “Under $250,000” per year after being in business since 2003?

  2. From the companies on the list, it looks pretty accurate. I can’t think of any others that should have made it…Congratulations to Mannix Marketing on an award well deserved!

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