Lowballer.com in Auction at NameJet


As Shane mentioned yesterday, Lowballer.com is currently up for auction at NameJet. There are 62 active bidders for this great domain name, which is surprisingly low considering how many people there are out there who would make good use of this domain name because of their lowballing nature (kidding).

If I win the auction, I think it would be funny to set up an email address and use it to inquire about domain names to purchase privately. It would also be pretty funny to set up email addresses like domain.shane@lowballer.com and send out offers “I’ll give you $500 USD for your 3 number .com domain name! I can close immediately using Escrow.com!” Alternatively, someone could set up a lowballer directory on Lowballer.com, or perhaps even an adult website.

Kidding aside, I think it’s a pretty funny brand name, and we’ll see what others think based on the final sale price.

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  1. I’m looking at the numbers and it appraises at $110 with 134 exact searches.
    But you know more then i do about domains, i’m surprised you would be interested in this domain.

  2. It’s a word dot com, most domainer’s would be interested 🙂

    All kidding aside I feel it’s value rises more from the novelty but you never know what someone will want or take seriously.

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