.Club Outfits a Bus in Vancouver


According to this tweet made by the .Club Registry, there is at least one bus driving around Vancouver with .Club branding. This might not be the most targeted form of advertising, but it’s pretty clever.

One problem with this advertisement that can easily be resolved is the url that is being promoted on the side of the bus: YourName.Club. If someone visits the url, it does not resolve. I understand it’s being used as a way to illustrate that someone can buy their own name in the .Club extension, but I think that the url should either be forwarded to the main .Club Registry website, or better yet, have a secondary website built. Fortunately, the Registry controls that domain name, so it shouldn’t be difficult to do.

If you see other creative advertising being done by a new gTLD registry, let me know. I think making consumers aware of the new gTLD domain name opportunities will be the key to adoption, and this type of advertising is a unique way to accomplish that.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. How .Stupid

    Reminds me of the extravagant and wasteful spending of the numerous .com’s that crashed in 2001.

    We know how that story ended. This will probably be the same — except no one will care since the gtld concept was doomed from the get go.

  2. Elliot,

    I wanted to provide you an update on our outdoor media campaign in Canada. Although, we have efforts all over the world we chose to do an outdoor media campaign in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. We have purchased ads on 200 taxi tops in 200, 200 taxi tops in Montreal, and 2 large tour buses in Vancouver that circle the downtown core. All of the ads will run for 2 to 3 months. Similar efforts are being made in countries like China, Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, India and others. We take a different approach in those regions relying on the expertise of the registrars to support our marketing efforts.

    From the beginning we have been stating that we are not launching .CLUB to make short term profit but instead to establish a globally recognized TLD brand for entrepreneurs, brands, and clubs of all kinds.

    Thanks for the suggestion on http://www.YourName.club. The team has already set it to forward to http://www.Landrush.club.

    Colin Campbell
    CEO, .CLUB

  3. Correction. Not certain what happened when I posted but meant to say.

    We have purchased ads on 200 taxi tops in Toronto, 200 taxi tops in Montreal, and 2 large tour buses in Vancouver that circle the downtown core.



  4. .ca domains can still be purchased for relatively good deals, lots of good KeywordClub.ca choices, I think you need to target bigger US cities like NYC, LA, or even Las Vegas having those buses going up, and down the strip all day, millions of eyes on them.

  5. Thanks Ron,

    We looked at outdoor media in the large U.S. cities, and felt that even 200 cabs would just not make a dent in a place like New York city. We have other big advertising promotions that we are planning for the U.S.

    And despite our international appeal, we will likely invest more in marketing in the U.S. then any other country.

    I might be Canadian, but I would never forget the U.S. 🙂


  6. Waste of money. Canada only cares about .CA. If you are marketing to Canadians and a Canadian has a club specific to Canada then you want to market it only to Canadians so why would they want a .CLUB when they can get a .CA which is ideal for marketing in Canada. Makes no sense.

    If you want to market to people from all around the world then come to Miami and target South Beach tourists this summer and you will have every nationality you can possibly imagine. It’s a true 2.5 square mile melting pot.

  7. From a reseller perspective, your not going to earn a lot of money reselling .CLUB domains simply because most clubs don’t have the capital, and for the ones that do it’s almost assured the name is trademarked.

    Fact is the people who stand to profit the most from GTLD’s like .Club are the Registry itself, Registrars and Trademark Attorneys, So when you see either of these waving their pom poms cheering a GTLD on, the motive is self serving, keep it alive for as long as possible to earn as much as possible, Then when the TLD dies off, it’s onto to the next one, dot whatever.

    • Resellers probably don’t have much overhead when it comes to adding on new extensions, so it’s mostly profit.

      I agree that registries will be the biggest beneficiaries. Isn’t that obvious though?

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