Looking for a Custom WordPress Template


I am looking to have a custom (or customized) WordPress template built for me. I have about 5 domain names I would like to develop and monetize, and I would like to do it using 6-10 articles each using the WordPress platform. Since I am not very good with the technical aspect of web development, I would like someone to build a single WP template for me along with 5 custom headers for each domain name (nothing really fancy).
The template will have an Adsense skyscraper running on the sidebar of the main template, and each article will have a square Adsense box next to the article. There will also be another Adsense banner underneath the comment section of each article. I will provide the Adsense codes, and I would like the actual Adsense boxes to match the look and feel of the template. Additionally, the template will have SEO plugins and other valuable plugins included to make optimization as easy as possible.
If you are able to do this, please drop me a note with the approximate charge and timing for the template and headers.


  1. Elliot,
    If you aren’t looking to spend a fortune, you may want to check out some of these WordPress templates. They have a cost (under $100.00), are SEO optimized, and most are setup for advertising already. Also, because they aren’t free, it is extremely rare to find anyone else using them. This might be your best bet if you need to build 5-6 sites using WordPress.
    Premium WordPress Themes
    Good luck in your search!

  2. Oh and no matter how you go about it – WordPress is always full of bugs and exploits! So, please do find someone who will patch things up quickly, or knows what he’s doing, who can do maintenance for you once in a while. Especially the way the plugins work, it takes one plugin to make fresh exploits. I can’t tell you how many times our web dev here looked at new WordPress themes and found a cross-site scripting hole wide open in it (majority!)

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