Listing Domain Names for Sale on My Blog


Due to the considerable number of inquiries about listing domain names for sale on my blog (most frequently from people I don’t know), I’ve decided to allow it. If you are interested in listing a domain name for sale on my blog in a blog post, there will be a non-refundable listing fee of $250 per domain name. This fee will include your write-up about the domain name and will include your contact information. I am not a domain broker, so there is no commission for selling your domain name on my blog.
I do maintain the right to reject any domain sales requests that aren’t appropriate for my blog (blatant trademark violations for example). For further information, drop me a note. Depending on the response to this, the fee may increase at my discretion.


  1. Very appealing. Could you let us know approx. how many eyeballs will be viewing the listing?

    Sorry, not willing to share this. Honestly, this is really meant to be a deterrent. When people email me and ask me to list overpriced or poor domain names, I can point them to this post 🙂
    I’ve had good luck selling domain names I own on the blog, but the price has to be “right” in order for people to buy.

  2. Hi Elliot,
    Glad you are back also – good work with Lowell.
    Would any domain sale listing on your site then become solely between the seller and any interested parties? Fixed price? Auction? What exactly do you envision here?
    – Frank

  3. I would want to know stats before forking out $250.00. If you are offering advertising space, you are selling a service, and the buyer has a right to know what he or she is paying for.

    But I do understand that you are doing this as a deterrent to numbskulls who expect something for free.

    Ms Domainer

    If this is very important to you, I would suggest advertising on Sedo or Afternic 🙂

  4. I don’t understand. If you don’t want anyone to email you asking to list their domain on the site, why not make a post that says just that?

    People have said things like “I know you aren’t a broker, but would you mind listing xxxxxx….” Now, I can just show this post.

  5. There’s a neat new service that’s like adwords/adsense for domain names. How about adding a small ad button to your blog, and when people ask how they can advertise on your site, refer them to that site. Maybe DAA will even come out with a referral program, and you can make affiliate income off of the thousands of people asking to advertise their domains on your site.

    I blog because I love to discuss the domain/development business rather than make money.

  6. Hello – Where do I find the list of domains for sale on your blog – both yours and those that agreed to pay $250 to have domains listed for sale? This is a serious unquiry – if the blog post was meant to disuade peole from asking to list – or in jest – please let me know. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the promt reply – I didn’t notice the blog post was so dated (long night of reading on auto pilot) – sorry. I’m off to find the “s” that was missing from dissuade in my question/comment – I must have lost it on another blog somewhere =) Thanks again.

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