Making Defensive Registrations


People usually thinking of defensive registrations as buying various extensions when they own the .com, buying the plural version of their domain name, and/or buying the common typos of their domain name. For really important domain names that receive strong traffic, doing all of this and forwarding all accidental traffic to the main domain name is advisable.
Sometimes you have to do more than this for your defensive registrations, even when you probably aren’t even going to develop the domain name. For example, I recently announced the acquisition of I bought the name because more and more celebrities are being paid big bucks to gossip magazines for the rights to the first exclusive photos of their babies. To help protect this domain name, and to also increase the value of the package, I also recently purchased
Individually, these are both strong names, but I believe the value of the two names together is greater. No matter whether people are searching for “celebrity baby photos” or “celebrity baby pictures,” I am covered.


  1. Elliot,
    Glad to see you back. I started checking your blog everyday to read what you have to say about a couple of weeks ago. Missed your comments the last couple of days. I by no means am a source of authority on domaining, but I just received my first legitimate offer on one of my domains and the “possible buyer” is also trying to buy the two other related names I have that relate to the city that these names revolve around. I know if he/she wants one he/she should have the other ones as well. Looking forward to being back tomorrow to learn more from your site.

  2. Previously, I would register the typos and synonyms of various domains that I marketed. This would end up increasing the cost of all of my campaigns. The ROI on these extra domains were minimal. They offered very little natural traffic.

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