Legal Domain Name for Sale:


I am looking to sell, a domain name that has a creation date of November 2001. The net, org, biz, info, and us are all owned by other companies or law firms.  The nationwide law firm of Jacoby & Meyers owns the .net version of this domain name, and the singular is owned by another law firm (the same firm that owns

The phrase “Brain Injury Attorneys” has a very high average cost per click , although I haven’t changed the DNS yet to see if there’s any traffic. My guess is that traffic isn’t great on it right now, but I know there are people who own legal domain names who can increase the traffic in short order to drive revenue and leads.

The Buy It Now price is $6,500 for this domain name.  It is registered at Moniker for an easy push to your account.  I am posting this domain name for sale in a few locations, so the first person to post “sold” will have the right to buy it.


  1. @ yaron

    Domainers pay immediately, don’t need help with transfers, don’t ask many questions, and are less difficult to deal with than a law firm. It’s much easier to sell a name on a forum/blog than go out and search for a buyer. I’d be happy with this sales price and I think there’s room if someone else wants to buy it and flip it.

  2. Great domain Elliot, i have and am including the hyphenated domain in the sale i would like to get $5,000 for it but most of the end user’s have not figured out the benefits of owning the generic .com search term yet, i think any quality lawyer/attorney domains are highly undervalued at the moment.

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