Koch Org. Gets StandTogether.com in Advance of Rebrand


The Washington Post reported that The Seminar Network, a non-profit organization founded and funded by billionaire Charles Koch, is being rebranded as Stand Together. Wisely, the organization acquired the brand match StandTogether.com domain name in advance of the rebranding.

If you visit StandTogether.com you can see that the domain name forwards to StandTogether.org. I think it was a wise move to acquire the matching .com domain name, even though the organization uses the more appropriate .org extension for its website.

I had previously inquired about buying StandTogether.com several years ago (among other domain names that were owned by the same registrant). At that time, I was told the range was in the five figures. I don’t know if the asking price changed since then.

Using DomainTools’ historical Whois search tool, it looks like the domain name may have been sold via GoDaddy. In early April of this year, the domain name was registered to the former registrant. On April 5th, the registrant was listed as GoDaddy. My guess is the buyer used GoDaddy’s Domain Buy Service to acquire the domain name, although it is possible the domain name sold via Afternic or another one of GoDaddy’s sale channels. The domain name is now registered to the entity that operates Stand Together.

After reading the news this morning, I reached out to the former domain registrant to see if he can share details about the sale of StandTogether.com. I have not yet heard back from him, but I will be happy to share an update if he replies and can share any information about the sale.

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