Know Someone Who Can Benefit from a Free Ticket to Domaining Spain?


This is a guest post from Jodi Chamberlain, one of the organizers of the Domaining Spain domain conference, which will be held April 25th to April 27th, 2013 in Valencia, Spain. I am going to try to make the conference and perhaps we will see each other there!

Domaining Spain is the largest European gathering held each year in Valencia. Domainers from all over the world meet in Spain to discuss relevant industry news and search for new business opportunities.

Spain 2013 will be the center stage for discussions around the release of the new gTLD’s and a place to learn more about what the industry is doing to prepare for all the new domain names. You’ll find registry’s searching for partners to collaborate with and other service providers advertising   on how they too can be of service!

Valencia is the perfect place to network, it’s a clean modern city which offers not only historical walls to explore but a happy cultural way of life to become accustom to. Did you know most people within the city take siesta’s everyday (a nap)?!? Now, that must be why everyone is so happy!

If you know someone who could benefit from an event such as Domaining Spain we’re looking to give a way a few free tickets to those who are most deserving. If you know someone who deserves to network with the industry’s biggest movers and shakers and would like to place their name into a drawing for a free Spain 2013 ticket, please send all inquires to: Be sure to let us know why this person deserves a ticket to Spain and together, we can make a few dreams come true!

Please visit to learn more about the upcoming Domaining Spain show.

All tickets are 50% off this month with 10% of all tickets proceeds going to The Water School.

Promo Code: helpTheWaterSchool

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