Key Bank Using Key.Insurance for Email


Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.37.18 AMA friend of mine from my days at AIG alerted me to something I found interesting. Key Bank is using the Key.Insurance domain name for email. They Key.Insurance domain name was registered in July of 2016. It looks like their main insurance portal is found at

There were a few things I found interesting with this:

It does not look like Key Bank is using the Key.Insurance domain name for a website. When I visited Key.Insurance and www.Key.Insurance, I was taken to an ISP error page. It is interesting that the company would use its .Insurance domain name for email but not for an active website. It is possible that the company is using its .Insurance domain name for a website that I can’t see. For instance, there could be some sort of intranet website on a subdomain name or something along those lines.

Key Bank does not own the domain name. In fact, it looks like someone in the domain name space owns that domain name and accompanying website. This means that if someone accidentally typos an email address – such as rather than, the email will not be delivered to the right person. This seems like it could be a bit risky, although I would imagine the emails would bounce back as undeliverable.

I looked on the Key Bank website to see if I could find any examples of the .insurance domain name being mentioned or used, but I could not find any. I am not sure if that means only a small number of people are using those email addresses or if that domain name is simply not being promoted.

One thing that will be interesting to follow is whether or not Key Bank begins using Key.Insurance in more of a consumer facing manner in the future.


  1. Agreed Elliot – That looks like a big oversight on their planning. The question is why use .insurance? What benefit does it give key bank other than create confusion?

  2. I’m shocked they wouldn’t use or their registered national association name as their eMail extension. This is what most banks do. A lot of banks choose to do the second option because spammers can guess either or

  3. I’m wondering why .info has never caught one given how useful a terms like that is.

    Can anyone point to a single .info website of significance that has ever dominated SERP’s?

  4. I guess they don’t care if people get their emails , since so many IT people are blocking all email from new G’s due to the 100% spam from them.

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