Nima Jacob Nojoumi Leaves Go Daddy

I just heard that Go Daddy  Executive Account Manager  Nima Jacob Nojoumi has left the company. He is the second  Executive Account Manager to have recently parted ways with the company, following Tess Diaz, who is now involved in Business Development at Media Options.

Over his 6+ year tenure with the company, Nima serviced over 600 client accounts and consulted with more than 18,000 customers. He also consulted Go Daddy’s executive leadership team on the startup scene and their social marketing strategy.

I know of several people who work with Nima, and his presence will be missed. Although Brad Larson has been my Account Executive for many years, I have always found Nima to be knowledgable and helpful in Brad’s absence.

I spoke with Nima about his leaving the company, and he said he left on good terms. “I want to express my sincere gratitude to Go Daddy, colleagues, domain industry and clients (friends). It was an amazing ride & I’m humbled by it,” he told me.

Although Nima didn’t say what he has planned next, I imagine he’ll be doing something big in the start up scene. Nima’s a class act, and I hope our paths cross in the future.

If you want to stay connected with Nima, you can keep in touch with him via twitter @DomainAdvisor  and on his personal blog, Nima.CO.


Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Nima is one of the most brilliant minds I’ve had the pleasure of working with, I look forward to seeing his worth shine in the startup space!

    • I don’t know what he is moving on to but whatever it is, he will excel at it. I have worked with Nima on several occasions and he is absolutely the man! Very professional and knowledgeable

  2. Nima was our account manager at GoDaddy. He will be missed. But I have a feeling he’s on to bigger and better things. : )

    Elliot, I couldn’t have said it better.

    “Nima’s a class act, and I hope our paths cross in the future.”

  3. I wish Jacob all the best in his new adventures.

    But, I am waiting for his call now, for domain transfer, open DTVS ticket.

    I hope someone from Godaddy calls me and others in same position.

    Good luck.

  4. I have had the pleasure to work with Nima side-by-side. He is the real deal. I can not say enough great things about him, and I know that we will be crossing paths again in the future. He’s a true gentlemen and a soul searcher. He’s motivated and hungry, but not cut throat. I expect to hear only great things about him as this news spreads through the Interwebs.

  5. This seems to be the trend. I’ve been a VIP with Go Daddy for over 5yrs and I finally found one in Jacob that knew more about online marketing and domaining than me.

    They lost Tess and another that was really bright a while back. I think his name was Rick.

    Go Daddy: You need to recruit and retain your top talent. Not drive it away. The only reason why I manage my domains with you is because of the executive accounts team. You’re a billion dollar tech company. Act like it!

    Jake, you’re going to do great! Can’t wait to hear about your new venture. Please stay in touch. I want to pick your brain about the Google update that was unofficially released today..?

  6. Dmitry:

    You make a good point about Go Daddy needing to recruit and retain top talent, not to drive it away.
    One can see the wisdom in that, but the reality indicates just the opposite. Consider the following.

    * Go Daddy expends considerable resources to monitor and evaluate:

    >> The phone calls taken, the length of phone calls, and revenue from each call. That is why we are given that bothersome disclaimer every time we speak to an account exec.

    >> Emails and the email content, and all internal messaging by employees.

    >> All employee communication and activity by way of social media.

    ** To support those monitoring activities, Go Daddy has:

    >> Systems to alert Go Daddy to any of the above. On any phone calls that are going on too long, or calls that are not producing revenue for Go Daddy, an overseer at Go Daddy will react. Any questionable activity is evaluated for possible corrective action or termination.

    >> A human resource department with staffing dedicated to employee termination. The Chief Human Resources Officer at Go Daddy, Lane Jarvis, seemingly views this to be a good use of her department.

    >> More lawyers on staff than most companies of that size. These Go Daddy attorneys are employed to quash all possible legal activity by any current or past Go Daddy employee.

    >> The majority of their employees work in Arizona, a state that has “at will” employment. This means that a Go Daddy employee can be fired at any time, with no cause or reason needed, and with no advance notice. Your Go Daddy account executive and be gone that quickly.

    The above leads one to speculate on the views of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Silver Lake Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures, as it relates to this facet of, the company that they now own.

  7. In the past, some of Go Daddy Account Execs who have provided me with outstanding service to me include Rick Bartleman, Justin Finkelstein and the above mentioned Nima Jacob Nojoumi. All provided fantastic help.

    Some time ago, on a domain problem, the issue was handled by the supervisor in the President’s Office, Karen Gaydos.

    That experience was horrible. She was the worst service ever at Very bad.

    I have since been informed that Karen Gaydos was promoted.

    And for whatever reason, Go Daddy can not retain talent like Rick, Justin or Jacob.

    What sense does that make?

  8. Godaddy has a wonderful customer service. Some of the old associates at godaddy like Michael , are of very helping nature for new entries in domain business.
    This is my own personal xperience.

  9. Nima was always on top of things as my account executive and in fact the reason I moved my domains to GoDaddy was to get the kind of attention that he gave me. I hope someone half as good fills his shoes. He has a very strong grasp of customer service, an even temperament and a good mind for business. He will be missed. Frankly it is not a reflection on GoDaddy; visionary young guys like Nima always leave the nest, that is how they grow. I am sure we will be hearing his name in the future connected to something very big. I wish him well.


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