Jeff Reynolds of on Fox Business


American FlagsI tuned in a bit too late this afternoon to see Jeff Reynolds of live on Fox Business tv, but you can now see the video on the Fox Business website. In the segment, Jeff discusses how he acquired the domain name on Ebay and talks about the growth of his company.

I’ve been fortunate to chat with Jeff a few times over the years, and I had the opportunity to do an interview with him nearly three years ago. It’s really exciting and inspiring to see domain owners having great success building a business on generic / descriptive domain names.

It’s just as good to see mainstream media covering businesses built on descriptive domain names like this. Jeff is one of the smarter guys in this business, and he is someone I look up to when it comes to business development. He’s also given me some very good advice on development, which has been appreciated.

Congrats to Jeff on this great coverage, and I hope it leads to an increase in business.


  1. I spoke to Jeff in one of Elliots NY Domainers Meetup.
    Both Jeff and Elliots were both very helpful to answer my questions. Thanks to both of you again.

  2. Video keeps locking up at 13 seconds for me. Go figure, the “ad” before the segment played just fine.

    Will have to check back later. Congrats to Jeff and!

  3. Great story- always good to hear about success. Unfortunately the video cut out after 30 seconds for me too. I personally think that generic and descriptive .COM names such as this are going to be the future of domaining, especially if the .brand extensions become a reality.

    Elliot, I noticed in your interview with Mr. Reynolds, and also in one of your old blog posts about, you mention “dropshipping.” Personally I have always avoided this step because I feel like it is a massive step from being merely an affiliate to actually taking orders. Do you currently use any dropshipping on your sites ? I’m curious to hear if it worked for you and what dropshipping services are available ? If you have any info or experience I bet other readers would be interested in a blog post about dropshipping and how it plays into development. Just a thought. Thanks

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