January Great Domains Auction Picks


The January Great Domains auction at Sedo started yesterday, and there are already quite a few bids. Out of the 221 auction lots, 50 domain names have bids, although the reserves have not been met on all of them.

I wanted to share my top five picks for the auction. I don’t own any names in the auction, although I may bid.

  • Clams.com
  • OxygenTanks.com
  • Carnival.net
  • Aggregators.com
  • BlogDesigners.com

The auction ends on Thursday, January 24th in the middle of the day.


    • ^^ Certainly not a popular slang term today. If it was the market would have bid it up much further than the $8,500 so far.

      I love the name though.

    • Whoever buys that domain name isn’t doing so to sell actual clams.

      I don’t know what you mean by “development costs” as being particular to that domain name, but it’s in a class of names that tends to represent something well outside the ‘domainer’ wheelhouse.

      25K-50K is a roaring steal if you’re an upstart and Clams.com fits your needs.

      As far as what the “market” prices it at, domainers are akin to abandoned storage locker buyers. It’s not the same thing as dealing with a gallery in Manhattan. What domainers pay in a speculative role doesn’t track what the name is worth when approaching it’s highest use, especially now that most of the big domainer money is scared, on the sidelines.

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