Hybrid Development: Increase the Value of Domains

While some domain names have high paying keywords, frequently the traffic isn’t significant enough for this to make a major impact on the name’s value. When the name is parked, you may generate a decent amount of revenue from targeted type-in traffic. However, unless something out of your control happens, there really isn’t much of a way to increase traffic to the name with a parked page.

One way that may boost traffic, increase revenue, and consequently increase the value of your domain name is to build a stripped down website. This is a hybrid development project where you add limited (but relevant) content, which should help you with your search engine placement. As a result, more people will find your website, and they may be more likely to click on the Adsense links, generating additional revenue. The more you continue to update your site, the more likely it is that people will find you and return.

In my opinion, the key to this is developing these hybrid sites in areas that are of interest to you. This will encourage you to post more often than if it was a mundane topic or something you didn’t care about. The more passionate or knowledgeable you are about a topic, the more likely it is that people will find you. The job of Google, Yahoo and other search engines is to present their users with the most relevant website based on their search query. If you are able to provide this, you will be placed higher. Of course there are things that make this more complicated, but that is the general idea.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Good advice Elliot. I began testing this theory a few months back by creating mini-sites for a few keyword rich domains that didn’t receive significant type in traffic. So far, the results are promising as I’ve begun to receive search engine traffic and the CTR has been pretty good. The main problem is it’s hard to get inbound links without spending a significant amount of time or money. I’ve tried a few of the link building services out there but I’m not sure they get the job done. In fact, I’m concerned that Google might see it as suspicious.

    Here are a few examples:



  2. I just started setting up domains with http://www.domainembarking.com. They have a very cool automated system where you plug in the key words, category and title and Shazam! you now have an 8 page deep site. They provide video, rss, ads, wiki content, games, surveys,and cafe press items all related to your domain!! It is really cool to see your domain on a mug!
    You have the choice as to how much you get involved in the development of your site, by optimizing further. You can design your own game, add your own content within frames etc…
    Big Addison (yes, that is his name!) not only is amazing to work with, he is also very funny! For only $5, he will set up the initial stuff for you so you can have a website in 24 hours or less. He also offers full web development, a great affiliate program etc..
    Mention my name and he may share some some stories about his craziest client…
    This has been a great deal for me as I have been wanting to get away from parked sites, but didn’t have the funds or knowledge (major understatement!) to go for it.
    Regards, Kelly Lieberman

  3. Bill,

    I’m somewhat of an amateur seo and I wouldn’t spend too much money on link submissions. I would go to Digital Point forums and order one of the cheap bulk submissions. 500-1000 directories for 8-30 dollars. Check their itrader feedback first.

    Then I would submit to 1 or 2 strong directories like yahoo(expensive), best of the web, gimpsy, joe ant, ezilon, rubber stamped or alive.

    Then submit each page of your site to social networking sites: use http://www.onlywire.com to mass submit to mulitple sites at once.

    Then if you I strongly recommend submitting a few articles on your topic to 3 article directories: goarticles.com, buzzle.com and ezinearticles.com Read their guidelines but articles only have to be about 250 words and they allow 2-3 in content links.

    If you do these things it will only cost you 100-200 dollars and you’ll have a solid start with you link building. You can obviously get more advanced but this is a solid start for this type of site.

    The rest is on site. Title tags, H1 tags, keyword density. If you are using wordpress download all in one seo pack.

    Best of luck.

  4. this has been a popular topic in the blogosphere lately…

    Small sites can do very well, especially if they are in not too competitive niches. If you try a small site – go for a long tail search term. You’ll never rank for mortgages or virginia mortgages without a lot of effort, but you might rank for “best rates virginia mortgages”. Turn that into $1 per click and you could quickly be making a nice little profit for little time.

  5. Elliot, interesting post. I actually posted something on my blog earlier today that may be complementary to what you’ve written here.

    I think there’s definitely a trade-off of developing vs. parking. With parking, you can get so of the most lucrative and easiest monetization. However, you give up alot of the potential of the domain just by relying solely upon direct navigation.

    With development, you give up the easy monetization but unlock the potential of the domain for multiple traffic sources and if done right, ultimately will out-earn parking.

  6. The other option is to park your domain with a service that will allow you to work on getting links to the domain. This is what I do by publishing content mostly to blogs and some directories that don’t care that it’s just a parked domain.

    This takes some time, but after a couple of weeks you start to get some traffic and if you have a good parking page, they do seem to get indexed and some even get some page rank!!!


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