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I’ve written about Warren Royal and his business a few times, and I want to share a link to an article about on the  Huffington Post. The article was posted a few days ago, and it covers the development and growth of

The article touches on a number of topics, and I believe it’s good for the domain industry and owners of descriptive domain names, as it shows how important owning a name like is good for building a business in the matching field.

Royal has done quite well turning a great domain name into a burgeoning business. Reading about the growth of is certainly inspiring.

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  1. The building of the business is the real story and a great one at that. The domain name just makes it that much better.

    And Zara58…you should be ashamed of yourself you spammer

  2. It is actually
    Elliot would ban this post as a spam but he did not . That is different point of view between you and Elliot.

  3. I don’t allow sales comments, unless I ask for them. I would have deleted the comment, but I am logged out of WordPress right now. 

    I don’t censor comments on my blog, but I think it was tacky and an inappropriate place for that comment.

  4. How important is having a descriptive domain name for a business? If Mr. Royal used the name or even wouldn’t that also be enough to build a business with if his plan was effective? It seems to me that having a name like cannot hurt but is it important in the long run for the business?

  5. @Adi – The name is extremely important. In my case this would have never happened with a lesser name. As mentioned in the article, it was the high type-in traffic that made the business a success from day one. If we had done everything else the same, but if it had languished with no traffic (and therefore no sales) then we would not have done nearly so well, so fast, as we did.

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