How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Domain Data Service?

Earlier today, I posted an article announcing the launch of A couple of the comments that were made  echoed  comments I’ve heard in the past regarding the cost of services that offer data on domain name drops.

My personal opinion is that the pricing is fair if you use the services daily and they save you time while helping you identify worthwhile purchases. On the other hand, many people find these services too expensive, especially those who don’t regularly use sites like NameJet and SnapNames.

I am wondering what you think is a fair monthly cost for domain name data providers that you use daily?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. The thing is the number of domainers out there is not a vast number, they have to find a fine line of pricing these models, I doubt that can be successful in the $150 range… works out to be about $5 per day…

    Your poll shows most are more comfortable with $1 per day for these services.

  2. I think its all relative. If you are making a living domaining, then its a service you may need and are willing to pay for. If you are a casual investor, then it doesn’t make sense to carry the extra cost.

  3. Hi Elliot

    This is a difficult question. I don’t think I would ever pay for such a service, personally.
    For using the service everyday doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll see a return on your investment and that it would have been justifiable expenditure. What if all of the dropping domains are sub par, or dare I say it, pigeon shit? In this case you won’t buy them, subsequently won’t flip them and therefore won’t see a return on your monthly investment. You would be better off trawling through extensive expiring lists at GD or the like.

    Some of the so called ‘domains of the day’ I see at similar services are questionable to say the least, which leaves the cynic in me feeling that such services are just another goldmine for certain players in the industry to profit from the uninitiated. Just like many parking companies, just like gtld touting registrars.

    I say be wary. Do your own homework, sift your own dirt and find your own domain gold.

  4. The way I look at it, is pretty simple. Right now I use Freshdrop (best tool I’ve found so far), that’s about $1200 a year. If that tool even helps me find 1 good domain in that whole year, it pays for itself. It pays for itself just in the time it saves me. So I don’t have a problem paying for tools that save me time and make me money.

  5. The expired domain service sector is getting pretty crowded given how small it is. is pretty decent for being free.

    Also, is reasonable at just $37/month for just about all the metrics the more expensive services offer.

    Good alternatives if you are on a budget or if you just need the basic features.

  6. There is little in the way of proprietary technology involved with these things. They’re making their hay with the fact that people who have the skills to build such contraptions are usually occupied with other things in other fields that make more money.

    I hope they do well with $100 monthly subscriptions, but they are very vulnerable to being undercut by the first ambitious Indian who comes along.

  7. Signed up with the free trial, been playing round with it past couple hours. Pretty nice. Little minor thing here and there. As example, looking at Namejet. It’s right now 11:30 PM Eastern, it says 1.5 hours left, when it ended a half hour ago. So 2 hours off. Probably a minor tweak.

  8. The other one took me a minute or so to figure out, with the Profiles. I set one up each for NJ, SN, GD, I like to keep them separate. When you switch from one to the other, and hit load Profile, there is still another step. Have to go down and hit the refresh button.

  9. How does the $149/mo compare to the $19/mo freshdrop deal. By using fresh drop you can essentially catch 2 domains FREE every monthl with the savings. Has anyone here compared the two?

  10. Again, as a newbie, I am contesting the value in the domain services such as estibot and domaintools {Although the later is seemingly great service and there is the a la carte menu}.

    I believe after a while and once I have ruffled into the desk chair, a domain data service is something I would definitely look into.

    Although, for someone in my position it’s researching which service is most appropriate to tailor my current needs.

    I guess you have to speculate to accumulate!

  11. Hi everyone,

    This is a very interesting topic and I’d like to put my two cents in.

    As the CEO of we have a wide experience in understanding our customers and pricepoints.

    Through the years we have experimented with many different price points.

    Believe or not. All of them work. It really depends on your business model and your targeted customer audience.

    With this in mind, however, we have chosen a new price point that will make all our customers happy.

    This price point is $19.95/month. For each and every month that you remain a subscriber you will still continue to pay $19.95/month.

    It is by far the lowest in the industry for usage on the best platform in the industry… and really makes for a powerful convincing argument to use FreshDrop.

    Not only will you still get the same level of quality of features and services, but we have a roadmap of new features that we have added and will continue to add.

    Some features that we have just added are:

    Compete Data
    MajesticSEO data
    Comprehensive Alexa data
    Domain Availabilty per TLD

    … and many more things to come.

    Not only are we concentrating on improvements to the FreshDrop platform, but we are building out our support and education facilities. In the coming weeks, you’ll find our support knowledge base to be very comprehensive. As usual, we answer all support questions within 24 hours and in most cases within minutes.

    Please contact support asap and we’ll convert your subscription from your current fees to the new low price.

    Warm Regards,

    Tan Tran
    FreshDrop, Inc.

  12. Scott,

    Can you contact FreshDrop support so we can get your email address? This way we can converse about it offline.

    I’d like to get more information and hopefully see if we can help you.



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