How Lil’ Kim Got Her Domain Name


Nadia Pessoa retweet a radio interview with Lil’ Kim that discusses how she was able to get her domain name:

I assume the domain name that is being discussed is The domain name currently resolves to a default GoDaddy landing page, and it was registered in April of 1998. The domain name is has been registered to Warner Music for many years, and it was registered to to Atlantic Records before that, according to historical Whois Records at DomainTools. I don’t see a registration record for Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, as the earliest archived record is 2001.

I own several domain names on behalf of friends. A few of them are lawyers, and their domain names would be helpful if they start their own firms. I am sure the same can be said for other investors.

It’s always good to look out for your friends, especially when it comes to something like domain names, where investors (should) have more expertise than their friends.

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  1. Lil Kim’s face is totally unnatural, unrecognizable, too many plastic surgeries … look at that nose, faker than a $3 bill … :/
    Damn, she had a nice face, now she’s horrible at only 45, what a mistake.
    Anyway, it’s Lisa Lopes, not Lopez.

  2. I invest in domains for corps and start- ups – my friends LOL
    Since we are a family of self employed we secured our childrens names long ago. There have been queries for these names by others. The child with the most has started a buisness but uses a new G instead !
    I guess I’ll have to wait till he’s famous.


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