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One tool I have heard about from many different domain investors is I never really used on a regular basis, but after a few people mentioned it to me recently, I began using it. For the last couple of weeks, I have been using it on a regular basis and don’t really know why I had not been a regular user before.

I have a few saved searches on that I now check on a daily basis. I check for new listings on Sedo and GoDaddy that meet certain parameters I have set. I also have a search set for NameJet expiring domain names that are coming up for auction. I still prefer to use for my daily expiring domain name searches, but I have also been using so I have a better chance of not missing any domain names.

People can also search several other domain industry marketplaces, like Epik or Dynadot. They can also search for expiring and deleting domain names in many extensions. There seem to be many different search options for domain investors who focus on different areas of the domain investment space.

From my perspective, the advantage to using for searches rather than directly on the marketplace platforms is there are so many more metrics I can choose to search in the filter section. For instance, if I wanted to hone in two word Spanish .net domain names that were added to GoDaddy with buy it now prices in the last 7 days, I can easily do that. It is easy to set up different saved searches for all of my needs.

One of the best aspects of is that the website is free to use. It seems to be monetized based on affiliate links, so there is no cost to users that I can see.

I am not familiar with Marco Schmidt, the operator of the website, but I am impressed with what he created. I had used several times over the years, but now I am pretty hooked on the service. I now understand why other investors have highly touted it.


  1. It’s a good resource. Not so sure about Alexa ranking, no one really looks at that anymore. They could replace Alexa ranking with the Majestic Million rank.

    I’d like to see them remove the DMOZ column and replace it with Majestic TF and then also pull the DNP Score as well. DNP score looks at Trademark data along with other data, so it would be useful to see the DNP Score (for transparency, I developed the algo behind DNP Score).

  2. Majestic Million is already included. Majestic TF and a lot of other Majestic data points as well. You need to signup and add them to your listing using the column manager.

    I never heard of DNP score before, but it if is useful and possible to get it for a large number of domains every month, I’m happy to add it. Just use the contact form on the website and we can talk about it.

    • Thank you Marco for creating and continuously improving upon such an excellent resource that benefits all domain investors who use it. As I tell everyone who will listen, I hope you are making a ton of money off!

  3. I would probably not have started or continued domain investing without expireddomains. Only now after 5 years could I *maybe* continue without it, but it would be tough…

  4. Are you using these to build sites on? Redirecting them to money sites for link juice? Or a bit of both?
    As there are plenty on there for my niche with 500+ backlinks and 500+ referring domains, many of which are free to register.

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