How I Ended Up on the GoDaddy India Website


I’ve heard people complain about visiting GoDaddy and ending up on a foreign version of GoDaddy’s website. The website may be in a local language or show a foreign currency, but it is generally still This has happened to me just a couple of times, but it is disconcerting to visit a website that should be familiar and end up seeing something totally different.

This afternoon, I noticed I was on the GoDaddy India website. I was still logged in to my GoDaddy account, but the logo said GoDaddy India, and the messaging was a bit different than normal. Here’s a look when I navigated to the homepage:

I don’t know why this happened, but I am pretty certain I know how it happened. I wanted to do a bulk domain name search at GoDaddy. Instead of trying to find the bulk search link on the GoDaddy website, I searched Google instead. I clicked through to the bulk search tool and did my search. A short while later, I noticed the GoDaddy India website and realized something was up.

Understanding why this happened is beyond my expertise. Maybe Google has indexed the GoDaddy India landing page for the search tool. Maybe something else in the transition from Google to GoDaddy caused GoDaddy to show the GoDaddy India website. Whatever the reason for why, I believe I know how it occurred.

In order to get back to the US version of GoDaddy’s website, I navigated to the footer. There’s a language and location selector, and I chose United States – English:

It’s a slight inconvenience, but I could see it being a nuisance if it happened more often.

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  1. It is a problem when you buy a website and composing it strightly, and when it is done, you just realize the GDPR cookie notice and the footer are composed in none english language.

  2. I have the same issue. My desktop only loads Canada. Laptop India. And I can guarantee I have not clicked through anything at google. I have changed the location as you mentioned but it continues to load the Canadian and India sites.

  3. This has happened to me a lot with GoDaddy site – various countries and also various languages. In my experience, the only way to resolve it is to purge all GoDaddy website cookies from browser memory. Not sure how one ends up on these other GD sites, but once it happens, you will get cookies for that country’s site and those will frequent drag you back over to them again eventually.

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