How % of .com Sales Has Changed


Brad Mugford shared an interesting post on NamePros (mentioned on about the total volume of .com domain sales vs. other extensions recorded by NameBio. I believe the data Brad shared was all public sales recorded in NameBio’s database. The figure shared was $1.6 billion total sales, with $1.3 billion of that being .com sales. This means approximately 81.25% of all of NameBio’s sales are .com sales.

I wanted to take a closer look at more recent data to see how sales data has been shifting more recently. I also used NameBio and looked at all sales vs. .com sales for the last five years and for the last one year to see how things have changed. There were no other options in between so I couldn’t see the three year time period for example.

Here’s what I found when I searched NameBio: 

All domain sales last 5 years (source): $630 million
All .com sales over the last 5 years (source): $508.9 million
% of .com sales out of all sales: 80.78%

All domain sales last 1 year (source): $106 million
All .com sales over the last 1 year (source): $83.7 million
% of .com sales out of all sales: 78.96%

Based on what I can see, there has been some level of shifting in the % of .com sales vs. all others sales – from 81.25% to 80.78% to 78.96%. This very small shift has happened over quite a long period of time. It should be noted once again that this is just publicly reported sales.

I think most of the money to be made from the new extensions has been and will be made by the registries rather than domain investors.


  1. I am sure cctlds .de , and other country domains make up atleast 10% or more. So ngtlds are even further down the food chain

  2. With the advent of so many new extensions in the past 2 yrs, there is a definate movement away from .com however it will still dominate for some time, at least until most of the common and short domains are ought up!

  3. According to NameBio when it comes to new gTLD –

    Total Sales – 4,490
    Dollar Volume – $18.9m

    Not very impressive. New gTLD investors are fighting for a tiny piece of the pie.


    • What is probably interesting to look at, is the quantity sold (com vs non-com).

      I would speculate it is more than 2-3 non-com sold to equal 1 com.

      The non-com average sale price is much less than com.

  4. Of reported new TLD sales what percentage of those are registry sales?

    Of reported new TLD sales what percentage of those were actually developed into businesses?

  5. A big chuck of the $100 million would be domain speculation with new tld launches, it probably accounts for all of the “shift”.

    Would be interesting to see the list and then look at what % is temporary stuff like 5/6 figure .xyz sales.

  6. I’ve had several private sales that haven’t been reported for NDA reasons.
    But I’d guess 80% of these .com, about, and 5 non-reported .ai sales.
    .COM is the where it is, for the most part.

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