Daily Poll: Do You Own .IO Domain Names?


Morgan Linton recently wrote about .IO domain names being purchased by domain investors. ccTLD domain name extensions like .IO aren’t really in my wheelhouse and I don’t own any nor have I ever owned any.

Based on what Morgan wrote and what I have seen in sales reports for the last couple/few years, domain investors have been buying .IO domain names. I have also seen many startups use .IO domain names for their websites, and this adoption is likely fueling the interest in the extension.

For today’s daily poll, I would be curious to know how many readers own .IO domain names. I also added a couple of other options for people who previously owned .IO domain names or plan to buy .IO domain names in the future.

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  1. Not a chance, it is a “trend extension” that will gravitate towards nothing once it becomes stale just like all the others before it. (.cc, .ws, .tv, .xyz, .to)

  2. Strongly agree with the trend comment above. By next month, it will be completely out of fashion. Never really took off and never will. It is on par with a .crap gtld and is completely .worthless

  3. .io is a niche thing for software developers/startups, and they usually go with made-up words (because they certainly have some understanding of domaining, trademarking etc.). So there is almost zero chance to hit something which that crowd would want, if they see a name they like is taken they simply think of a different word.

    Generic one-worders are the exception, but they still might wait for years without ever seeing any interested buyer.

  4. I only own three now. I recently picked up three more after my only one sold recently on Sedo, out of the blue, for like a 1000% of what I purchased it for. Wound up grabbing three more generics.

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