How Can You Get Tons of Publicity?

With the recent launch of the Domain Guardians, there were a number of articles written to announce the news. A  couple of people privately wondered why so many blogs and sites announced the launch of a private business.  Perhaps there was a bit of jealousy since most other product and company launches don’t get the same amount of coverage as this particular launch.

The reason I wrote my article was two-fold.

First off, Mike and Jen have been fantastic at what they do. I mean no disrespect to anyone else at Fabulous or DBS, but to many of us, they were the face of the company. They always attend domain conferences, and whenever I needed anything at Fabulous, Mike was very responsive as my account representative. In a small industry, personal relationships are critical.

Secondly, I believe Domain Guardians offers a unique service that has been discussed by many but not really offered on a large scale. I know some people have individually endeavored on domain name estate planning, but I think this offering will prove to be beneficial for people like me. I can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on estate planning with numerous experts, but this service would be perfect for someone like me.


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Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Mike has always been the best. He even one time created a custom parked page when I had one big traffic name there. Best of luck.

  2. A week or so ago, was in a Godaddy expiration auction. A bit of internet research and it appeared that the owner (and original registrant) had been killed last summer in a motorcycle accident.

    I’ll admit, seeing that go down did cause me to reorient my own affairs as far as my family taking control of my domains and web properties, in the event I unexpectedly buy the farm.

  3. I have been working on a domain related startup for the past two years. We are almost ready to come out of stealth mode. I think it’s a needed service that can help the entire industry. However I’m not really known in the industry. What do you guys think my chances are?

  4. @LSMorgan I chased down some domains on an expired names auction site a few years back. Found an article talking about how the owner had died in a very bad car accident. I found his sons and rang them, they were very grateful that I tracked them down. All names were renewed and recovered.

  5. Thanks again for the article Elliot – love your work (cheque’s in the mail lol).

    And thanks for the kind words RKB and RH, same goes for you. 😛

    Oh and Shane, cheers for your write up too!

    And while I’m at it, I’d also like to thank my parents… and lastly the big Man upstairs! 😀

  6. Hi Adam… I did the same kind of thing a few times.

    @ Adam Strong

    RANDAL D. SIMMONS (LA Swat Officer)

    I registered right after this happen and then after about 2 month’s (wanted to give them some time) , contacted the wife: Mrs, Simmons and told her that I had:

    randelsimmons .com
    randelsimmons .net
    randelsimmons .org

    I told her I registered them so, no one else could, and I told her I would give them to her for free, which I did…I transferred them to her and she was very grateful…
    that was well over 2 years ago. Now for some reason they let them expire, and are avaliable again now…


    I also reg the .com and .org for the Angels Pitcher Nick Adenhart killed by a drunk driver… I accidentally let the them drop…but I got the .org back.

    I was contacted by a friend of his well over a year ago as he said they would use them, and I told him I registered them in case the family or the Angels wanted to use them and they could have them for free…never heard back.

    The trial of the guy just ended a few months ago here in CA,…so maybe they will want the .org later on…which I will give to them free.

    This is what I wrote the day after this happen: April 09. 2009

    Some of us can be “cybersquatters” for the “Right” reasons…


  7. I covered it because I know the people behind it and believe in their ability to put something great together. Also the trust level of them is very good. I decided to mostly copy the Press Release since Adam is involved in DNN and the PR wasn’t as boasting as others I have seen before.

    @Adam (not strong): Start your relationship building before the launch, get the media to look at your service. If you have been building something for two years and not talked to many people in your target industry about it, you’re probably doing something wrong.

    Most products take a different turn when users come into play, so get them involved early. If you know someone very public in this industry who would like/use and pay for your product get them involved early, make them a spokesperson.

  8. It seems the story might have had a happy ending after all. I just checked whois right now and it appears that his wife is now the registrant with the domain renewed out to 2013.

    I did reach out to a couple family members via FB, articulated what was happening, how that domain was worth decent money and offered to help walk the through the redemption process but they never got back to me. I would imagine that many others encountered what I did and stepped up to help them out. Bravo to everyone who did the right thing here.

  9. Hi Calvin,

    Thanks… I am little ‘trigger happy’ anyway… but being up for almost 20+ hours…did not help.

    All ‘Chilled’ out now…

    Thanks for your concern….. 🙂



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