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PR: Sold for $75,000


While I was traveling last week, I received a press release announcing the sale of for $75,000. Based on DNJournal's year to date domain name sales report, this is the largest .org domain name sale of the year so far. The deal was brokered by Domain Guardians, the company that issued the press release below. As you may know, Domain Guardians also brokered the million dollar deal earlier this year.

In November of 2013, Mike Berkens reported that the domain name sold for $4,000 via Godaddy/Afternic. At the time, Berkens opined that the sale "could be the bargain of the week at $4K especially with the popularity of BitCoin."

The press release from Domain Guardians is below, and it has more information about the sale of (more…) → Read More

Domain Guardians Announces Sale of for $1 Million



You can add another seven figure domain name sale to this year's domain name sales chart. I just learned that Domain Guardians brokered the sale of the domain name for $1 million USD. The buyer is reportedly a Bitcoin mining hardware company called GAWMiners. The domain name registration remains under privacy, and the landing page has not yet changed.

It was just over two months ago that I reported the private acquisition of I reached out to the seller of the domain name for a comment, but I believe the owner would prefer to remain private. Jen Sale, Co-Founder of Domain Guardians did comment on the sale of  "Your domain name is the foundation of your online brand," said Sale. "Flagship domains like solidify brands by empowering users to easily discover, remember, share and recognise your company online. The right → Read More

How Can You Get Tons of Publicity?


With the recent launch of the Domain Guardians, there were a number of articles written to announce the news. A  couple of people privately wondered why so many blogs and sites announced the launch of a private business.  Perhaps there was a bit of jealousy since most other product and company launches don't get the same amount of coverage as this particular launch.

The reason I wrote my article was two-fold.

First off, Mike and Jen have been fantastic at what they do. I mean no disrespect to anyone else at Fabulous or DBS, but to many of us, they were the face of the company. They always attend domain conferences, and whenever I needed anything at Fabulous, Mike was very responsive as my account representative. In a small industry, personal relationships are critical.

Secondly, I believe Domain Guardians offers a unique service that has been discussed by many but not really offered on a large scale. I know some people have individually endeavored on domain name estate planning, but I think this offering will prove to be → Read More

Domain Industry Veterans Launch Domain Guardians


domain guardiansA few weeks ago, I learned that Fabulous employees Mike Robertson and Jen Sale had announced their resignations from the company, and they hinted that the two of them had something big in the works.

I received a press release announcing the pair's new venture, and I was surprised to see some others involved in this exciting project.  Domain Guardians is a new domain registrar that is going to officially launch during the ICANN conference in a couple of weeks, and it involves Mike Robertson, Jen Sale, Bill Vanderent, Adam Strong and Paul Keating.

This is not going to be your standard domain registrar though. The company will offer "domain estate planning and management services to domain professionals." Estate planning specifically for domain investors is something that has been discussed by many (including me), but I don't believe there are any companies offering these services.

I spoke with Adam Strong, and he mentioned that a health scare  about 5 years ago focused his attention to this issue.

"The concept has been one → Read More