HauteCouture.com Goes Up for Sale


As you can see from the new rotating banner, Hilco Streambank is now brokering the HauteCouture.com domain name in a bankruptcy listing. Haute couture is a French term that refers to the making of high end fashions. Some of the top fashion stores and dressmakers have haute couture departments or specialize in haute couture.

According to  Jack Hazan, Executive Vice President at Hilco Streambank,”[t]his domain is being sold by a bankrupt estate. We expect to auction it through our online platform www.Hilcodomains.com.We are entertaining early offers for the domain and will consider a stalking horse.

Commenting about the domain name, Jack told me, “Haute Couture is a phrase that is universally synonymous with high-end and high-quality fashion and design. Virtually every high end fashion house uses the ‘Haute Couture’ phrase in their marketing and advertising.   This domain is clearly a high traffic-driver and we expect interest to be strong.

Jack didn’t provide any guidance on a price expectation for HauteCouture.com, and I understand the company plans to auction the domain name in December if a deal isn’t reached beforehand.

Archive.org shows that HauteCouture.com had previously been used as a fashion publication. According to the website’s former about us page, “HauteCouture.com is the ultimate online destination for the connoisseurs, fanatics and admirers of fashion and luxury. Our mission is to provide you with the latest news, fashion shows, images, videos, sales information and exclusive editorial content in the fashion industry.”

If you have an interest in discussing the purchase of HauteCouture.com, you can contact Jack Hazan or Dmitriy Chemlin. I asked about the price of the domain name, but I was told a price has not been set yet.


  1. No sure I get this one and I think it would take a very special buyer to get value from this given that people aren’t online searching for “Haute Couture” and I’d imagine 99% of people have no idea how to spell it either. Fails both the billboard and radio test.

    Couple this with the fact that nobody is paying for ads on this keyword combination in Google (only one advertiser) and I’m honestly a bit confused about why this would be valuable.

    Sorry, I’m usually very positive about the names Hilco has since they do get their hands on stellar domains, this one has me scratching my head though…

  2. Its a good domain, but I think the fact that most people say “Couture” instead of “Haute Couture” might mean most end users would probably prefer to have Couture.com if they are going to pay 6 figures plus.

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