Hardest Question: What Are Your 3 Best Domain Names?


Last week on Twitter, Rick Schwartz shared a video discussing the hardest question for a domain investor to answer: What Are Your 3 Best Domain Names?

It is a difficult question to answer, and for me at least, this can change multiple times a year depending on acquisitions and sales.

I may regret doing this, but I invite you to share your best 3 domain names (not 4, not 5, not 10…etc.). It is not an easy question to answer, and of course it can and should change on a regular basis as you buy and sell domain names. If you really can’t answer the question with just 3 domain names, please feel free to not answer. Also, no need to tell anyone why you think they are your 3 best – just keep it simple and share a list of 3 names if you wish.

I think my 3 best domain names right now are:

  • Travels.com
  • Embrace.com
  • Lilac.com

How about you?

Update: Please don’t comment about other people’s domain names. If you don’t want to share, you don’t have to share but please don’t comment (positive or negative) about names other people share.


  1. You are so in love with lilac, Elliot. I’m sure you must have sold stallion.com far below what it’s worth since the end result was someone merely listing it for sale. And you refuse to acknowledge that two word domains can often be far more valuable. I see BargainHunter.com on your site now – far better and far more valuable than lilac. Revitalize.com is also far better and more valuable. HappyEnding.com is far better and more valuable. In fact that one could actually be worth a very solid seven figures. In some conditions and circumstances, potentially even more, though seven is more realistic now.

    Do you lack vision? You seem to. Are you stubborn about certain rigid biases needlessly? You seem to be.

    I had to defend stallion.com from you before, ironically, but from the sale listing I’ve seen it must have sold far below what I would have argued.

    Good grief – snap out of it. Lilac is not as great as you think just because it’s one short word and a color. My Dad had some lilac water when I was a kind. Almost made me gag. Yes it’s good and a valuable asset, but not compared to the ones I just mentioned here you would never dream of preferring in place of a one-worder.

    • You have become a prolific commenter without ever publicly disclosing any of your names.

      Why not share your 3 best domain names so we can evaluate your ability to choose good domain names?

      Otherwise, I would appreciate your keeping your opinion, particularly as it relates to other people’s domain names in this comment section, to yourself.

    • And don’t worry, Elliot, whatever you think lilac is worth, I have absolutely no doubt it is worth *at least* that much. I cringe to even contemplate what you must have sold stallion.com for.

    • I have received many more – and much higher offers for Lilac.com than BargainHunter.com. I think I have owned both for more than 6 years each, so I would have a pretty good idea of the market for both domain names. It’s not even a close call.

      Since you think BargainHunter.com is “far better and far more valuable than lilac,” I will offer to sell you BargainHunter.com for $18,000. This offer is valid only for you, John, and only for today. If you actually believe BargainHunter.com is worth more money than Lilac.com, I can’t imagine you would pass on this price.

      Again, this offer is being made only to commenter John and is only valid on June 10, 2019.

        • What about it? A small local publication in Ohio owns a bad domain name.

          Again, if you think BH is better than L, I would think buying it for just $18k is a no-brainer.

          Just say the word and I will not only open escrow at Escrow.com, but I will also pay for the escrow.

          Again, offer only valid for commenter John and only valid June 10, 2019.

        • Also, one final comment to you.

          Unless you are replying to take me up on this special deal, please comment no further. I am going to be taking a 40 mile training ride shortly, and I don’t feel like spending more time debating with you about which of my names is more valuable when you haven’t even been willing to share your own top 3 domain names. Do that, and I will gladly engage later on.

    • I thought your greatest domains were mmm.recipes, auction.fyi and find.ventures. And also platinums. What happened? You’ve lost faith in these awesome names?

  2. well thats ez cause i dont own too many now as ive just got back into domains last month after 3 years, so here goes:




  3. well thats ez as i have just got back into domains after 3 years so i have only a few so:




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  5. This is nice to see established domainers sharing their premium names here…I familiar with these famous names of industry through DNW and DomainSherpa interviews..

    These are my favourite domains for now…

    * AugmentedRealityMapping.com
    * PhotoshootShop.com
    * MusicalKaraoke.com

    Thanks for the opportunity Elliot 🙂


  6. 24×7 series, ‘nation-named’ domains, ideal for all types of online businesses & services.

    So the top 3 domains are :

    1. USA24x7.com / UK24x7.com
    2. Fund24x7.com / Markets24x7.com
    3. India24x7.com / Korea24x7.com

  7. Having hard times to pick 3 from my portfolio.
    So I will pick my favorites from my shortest dot me list:

    – Lend.me
    – Contact.me
    – Alert.me

  8. My personal bests are all related to my actual job (Filmmaker and Wildlife Photographer)


  9. My favourite names are what I’m selling now and they’re always red hot, on trend. For instance, I only remembered yesterday how much I like GreenSausage.com, now that fake meat is starting to trend all over the world!! And BetCalifornia.com, because this is the best sport betting name for the biggest market in the USA and it’s only opening up. And then male grooming is trending mad with the hipsters these days, so I’m loving BeardTrim.com, it’s the perfect keyword. Thanks Elliot, for allowing us all speak of our loved ones!!!

  10. My top 3 domain names which I am willing to sell are:


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