.Gondola? SNL Skit Uses “New” Extension


There are hundreds of new gTLD domain name extensions, but .Gondola is certainly not one of them (yet). Chris Sheridan noticed that Saturday Night Live shared a fictitious .Gondola domain name in a recent skit featuring Adam Sandler:

The SNL skit poked fun at the widely viewed Perillo Tours television commercials promoting tours to Italy and other locations in the world. I’m not much of a daytime television watcher and haven’t seen their commercials in a long time, but I remember they were quite prolific and it looks like the company is still advertising (using PerilloTours.com).

Here’s a video of the full SNL skit so you can see the .Gondola domain name:

When it comes to fake new domain name extensions, I think I prefer Booking.com’s .Yeah!


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