Domain Sold by Tucows Now Used for a Brand Relaunch


AngelSoftFor a number of years, was owned by Tucows  and based on its 2004 registration information, it appears that the domain name was a part of its Net Identity portfolio. These domain names, consisting of popular last names, are primarily used for vanity email addresses, although I am not sure how was used.

In May of 2011, the domain name appears to have been sold to DNStination and it was registered at brand protection registrar, Mark Monitor. The terms of the deal were undisclosed.  Just recently, the Whois information for changed again, and the domain name is now registered to Internet software firm, AngelSoft.

TechCrunch is now reporting that is the new name for AngelSoft. According to the article, “Gust will serve as an investor relations platform that matches entrepreneurs to investors, while also providing search and filtering tools for investors that allow them to narrowly target startups that match their interests.”

Interesting usage for this descriptive domain name. If I learn anything more about the Tucows transaction, I will be sure to post it.


  1. Hi Elliot,

    I can confirm that this domain was one of the generic domains that Tucows acquired as part of the NetIdentity acquisition, and that this domain sold in April of this year.

    The deal was brokered via our good friends at BuyDomains. No, I cannot reveal the price. ;+)

    I am always happy to see the premium domains that we have sold being put to good use.

  2. Gust is a real superb brand. There are only 30 or so LLLL words that are both verb and noun. Out of those 30, less than half sound cool and positive. Out of those, prob less than 5 can be acquired. Anything under $200K is a steal for end user at this point. Future prices for like that will be 7 figures.

  3. is a great domain name that has it’s highest and best use when describing a new or revolutionary-style product or service, e.g. a “gust, or breath, of fresh air”.

    The other possible alternative for this name is using it as a weather forecast service, but the term is a little awkward for that…

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