Great to Work With a SEO Expert Like Bill Hartzer

I’ve always been reluctant to work with a search engine optimization expert. I’ve basically stuck with the free SEO analysis tools found throughout the web, which has been helpful to a degree, but it’s certainly not the best way to have the best possible SEO on my websites.

The primary reason I’ve been hesitant is because I am concerned that the advice and recommendations that are given would be too complex for me to understand, or they would be far too expensive to implement, especially when considering the potential reward for doing them. It doesn’t make sense to pay for a professional SEO review if you can’t do what’s needed to help your website.

I’ve known that Bill Hartzer has been a SEO expert for quite some time, and I’ve even used his help on a small project in the past. However, I recently worked with him on one of my websites, and I was very happy when he gave me some good recommendations and SEO tips that were understandable and actionable. He was thorough and thoughtful in his replies to me, and I knew he wasn’t simply cutting and pasting advice given over and over. I really felt that he took the time to look through my site and see where it was lacking.

Bill is also a domain investor, and he knows how domain investors tend to think and act. His help has been very appreciated, and if you need to consult with an expert SEO guru, Bill’s your guy.

PS: This is NOT a paid post. From time to time, I like to write articles about people who have been helpful to me and may be helpful to you.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Nice post Elliot. There’s definitely a lot of “snake oil” in the SEO world and finding a good SEO is a needle in a haystack job. Bill’s one of the good guys who can bridge two worlds that are often times far apart – SEO/Online Marketing and domain names. At a Dallas domainers meetup last Fall, I talked with Bill for a while and learned a lot on how he uses SEO to better monetize domains.

  2. While I don’t have direct experience working with Bill, I can vouch for the fact that he is highly respected. I’ve see some samples of the advice he has provided and he is a solid guy.

  3. I’ve known Bill for several years and appreciate the depth of his knowledge and his willingness to help others. Always refreshing to deal with a SEO expert who understands SEO from a domainer’s perspective.

  4. I have seen some of Bill’s advice on forum postings and he is really helpful. When and if there are enough funds coming in to pay for some SEO help, he is most certainly somebody I’d be interested in talking to about implementing some better SEO.

  5. I’m based in Australia, and can also vouch for Bill as one of the good guys in the SEO industry. I reached out to him recently for some help with a site that had basically been as good as blacklisted in the SERPS. Whilst we haven’t got to the top of searches yet, Bill helped us get back on the radar.

  6. I don’t know Bill and I work in digital marketing in Dallas, so I probably should get to know him at a local event sometime.

    My firm works very closely with a great SEO firm in Austin called Great bunch of guys who do excellent SEO work for my firm’s big corporate clients. They have great, innovative SEO thinking and have developed a great SEO SaaS called, which you can read about at

  7. I have email to Bill seeking for advises for a few hundred generic and 4 letters domain I owned. I am also looking for domain investors for my domains and appreciate someone could provide some good clues to me in seeking for the investors


  8. Hey Bill may be a nice guy but his industries big picture is dark. Clouds real info. on search Engines and also holds down new business creation. Sorry this practice needs to go for the benefit of End-Users and consumers and for just plain productivity reasons.

    I have 40+ experintial years in analyzing Market Dynamics and we know our business.

    R. E. = ” Google knows what Google knows what ( Market Saturation Obsolescence) means, by being victim to it. Why do you think they are going to type-ins themselves. Get ready to hear about this very crippling subject,more and more over the years to come.

    (Market Saturation Obsolescense) is caused by the massive amount of illegitimate SEO manipulated data that is dumped into the Search Engine Experience.It literally bastardizes information supplied to people searching for your business through a Search Engine. End-Users who trust being found In cyberspace through the Search Engine Centric Marketing Model, suffer the consequnences.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)
    R. E. = ”

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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