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I just received an email from, and it looks like their already strong domain auction scheduled for Wednesday just got stronger. will be up for auction at the Moniker Premium Live Auction at DOMAINfest Europe in Prague, although the reserve price wasn’t revealed.

The Moniker and SnapNames Live Auction will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Prague on Wednesday, October 6, from 10am – 1 pm Eastern time.     Including some of the names I previously mentioned here’s a list of some of the top domain names that will be up for sale in auction (full list and more information can be found on the Moniker website)

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. While the connotation may be obvious what is also obvious is apart from ebay, who else exists with a real use, talking big 6 or 7 figs.

    Non of the better houses like Sothebys, Christies etc would lower themselves to be known as anything but their name, no new start up could compete with ebay (this is a fact) they have a monopoly online so using the name would be useless… I see no REAL end user to profit from this name at all. Will it sale for crazy money, probably, happens every day.

    We often wonder why ” they ” don’t get it, when reality is ” we ” don’t get it.

  2. @ Josh

    It’s short, memorable, has an obvious connotation, and is already a “brand.” There aren’t a lot of domain names like this… I like it more than “”

  3. Elliot did they announce any traffic numbers on

    i am wondering what the traffic is like compared to say name and he has stated how much it generated before)

  4. I agree with you, it’s short, brandable and has A connotation, still way too generic. It fact it’s so generic you HAVE to use it to offer all categories, from dolls to cars. Immediately you have to adjust your plan to the domain, not good.

    Honestly Elliot for $1M if you weren’t ebay and just wanted a great domain, in this economic time you can buy one of the best, generic, one word, targeted and generate a 10% roi just parking. Why buy unless youre ebay, you shouldn’t. And ebay won’t!

  5. tend to agree with josh on this one.

    where can you get the best bang for the buck on a domain name? half the price?
    this is of course by domainers buying it.

    now to the end user who knows.. until we hear some traffic numbers, i bet it will be difficult to sell..

    i will be shocked it will be sold

    but heck buy and lets go with this dumb ass hype on .co and bloggers hyping the shit the extension up.. no offense elliot to you personally

  6. @ Josh

    The term/word Bid also has been very prevelant & used every day on stock exchages for many years… at any point in time there is both a bid and ask price on publicly traded stock shares … it is also used on other financial markets instruments like bonds, options as well as futures contracts. It is also frequently used in mergers & acquisitions when one company makes a Bid for another entity.

  7. @NetJohn, that crossed my mind but crossed my mind is all it did. Highly unlikely use or reason for direct search.

    Could a start up take and brand it, go to to buy your next blah blah blah, sure but I doubt it.

  8. Oh almost forgot, for $1M there was MUCH bETTER stock names for sale last Moniker auction, so if the stock market was the plan, this is not the best buy. Would have to be total end user start up buy.

  9. I think is exactly as good as, but it is much shorted and snappier, so it makes a better brand. RE auctions seems like the obvious use.

  10. I like

    Thanks to the domain name being sold every insurance name has about tripled in price. I would expect this one to fetch well over 300 or 400k

  11. Nice list on Moniker.

    In direct comparison to TRAFFICS list, I must ask why Rick and Company do not have some of these quality names up for grabs.

    With regards to, one could easily take that name and reap the rewards.

    Google searches usually are three plus words and a direct match is a never … SO as long as the search has the word bid in it, I am positive alot of you SEO and online experts could ensure page one ranking.

    Too bad I do not have the money as I am waiting for Howard to invite me to TEST Track and
    present the BPlan.

    I would take at 1M and likley get a return within 18 months. Remember, money does nto make ideas, it is the ideas that make the money.

    My two cents

  12. “I would take at 1M and likley get a return within 18 months. Remember, money does nto make ideas, it is the ideas that make the money.”

    I can only at this point quote the great Martin Lawrence.

    “Do you hear the Sh*t that’s comin out yo mouth”.

  13. Wow Josh…

    Try this quote on for size…

    “The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.” E.Hubard

    5 Years I have been working on a platofrm. Several hundred thousand in test markets.

    I still need a great domain name and thought that is worth its weight in gold.

    In closing…remember
    this from the great Martin L. King:

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

  14. And as a reference point…

    My platform does sell everything from dolls to cars and everything in between.

    Take a peek at my youtube video, albeit, it was done quickly, poorly, but it does show in a teaser way what will soon become a reality.

    Ignore the domain names presented as I am looking for something big like


    I do agree with you that there may be better domains for alot less money, but the credibility will be instant with

    My two cents

  15. “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    And for you sir…

    ” ignorance is bliss “.


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