Video: Google I/O Discussion About Domain Names


At the Google I/O conference that was held this past week, the company discussed its new Google Domains offering that is currently being beta tested. I want to share the video below featuring three Google employees discussing Google Domains and domain names during general at the event. In addition to speaking about domain names, the employees fielded questions from the audience as well.

Participating in the discussion were the following three people:

  • Ben Fried, Google CIO
  • Corey Goldfeder, Google Software Engineer
  • Kripa Krishnan, Google Technical Program Manager

The video is on the long side, but I think it’s worth watching to get Google’s perspective on domain names, its Google Domains offering, and the new gTLD domain names.


  1. “Meanings to constitutes” Techies make presentations akin to pulling teeth and it got worse. Very disappointing. Show this to Google employees in the cafe to gauge a knowledgeable public response in the BETA stage and offer strong coffee as they leave.

  2. i wonder if his ahhm coughs, ahehm muffled at the beginning we on purpose. didnt seem like even he could get out This is the biggest change in the history of the internet.

    it could be a new drinking game, every time someone says this is the biggest change in the history of the internet

    but has any independent party, not with the new tld ecosystem, or millions invested ever said it?


  3. This looks like a pretty scary situation. Sort of like a tremendous corporate take over of the internet. The foundational system we all know was designed with checks and balances that kept a level playing field for all. Any one can compete with anyone because anyone can buy any domain and anyone can win, and many won. These new names will get around the winners of yesterday and create new opportunity for new winners to be created- If you can’t control the game and control the winners, then create a new game with new rules, rules which you have created, and force everyone into playing the new game.

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