Google Implements Auto Fill in Safari


Google just rolled out with auto-fill in the Safari browser, following in the footsteps of Yahoo. When you enter a search term into Google, it makes suggestions to complete your search for you. This could be detrimental to domain owners, as people frequently type in the actual destination domain name into their search engine query, but with Google’s suggestions (which don’t include domain names), it may be less likely that people will continue their search entry.
As I posted in February, Google was testing this on other country sites, such as Google Korea.


  1. No doubt that auto-fill is helpful but I think it does kill traffic for some long-tail domains because short/popular phrases seem to appear first.

  2. I actually think the auto-fill is extremely annoying. Its too bad that they are trying to follow the footsteps of yahoo. I always thought they were a step ahead, not behind.

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