Google Chrome for Mac


Google Chrome looks like it’s going to change web browsing habits if it’s widely adopted. Unfortunately, Google Chrome for Macs hasn’t been released yet. According to the download page, “Google Chrome for Mac is in development and a team of engineers is working hard to bring it to you as soon as possible.
At face value, after reading a few reviews, it looks developing domain names will be even more important, as users only have one box to enter a search term or domain name. If the user enters, he will see this website and possibly other websites that are related (although I can’t confirm whether entering a specific website will return similar websites).
As I have witnessed with some domain names, Google does not seem to like parked domain names in their search results.   In fact, many domain names I’ve purchased that were previously parked are completely out of Google’s algorythm and I’ve had to submit a reinclusion request.   If you type them into the search bar, they won’t even show up.   This doesn’t bode well for parked domain names that rely on type in traffic because if browsers type in the domain name into Chrome and it’s not in Google, they may not be inclined to visit – or they will be dissuaded by seeing a website that doesn’t look developed.
Again, user adoption is going to determine the impact Chrome will have on search.


  1. Sorry, but why will user adoption determine the impact?
    So long as the domain aftermarket realises that future search supremecy COULD (sorry, Chrome won’t let me do italics yet!) rely ONLY on content, links, etc., then why is user acceptance relevant. My first thought was to offload my 600 worst .coms. tonight. Instead I have been posting!

  2. Elliot since you brought it up:
    “If you type them (Parked domains) into the search bar, they won’t even show up.”
    Isn’t this censorship?
    If I type in “Mortgage quotes”(without the “),
    I can understand if Google doesn’t show
    if it happens to be a Parked domain and they don’t consider
    it a relevant search result.
    But if I type in then that result should
    appear. There is no search result Google can show me that is more relevant to the query than
    I consider their blockage of that type of result Parked domains) to be censorship.
    Am I alone in thinking this?
    Perhaps, but when you use their service you are agreeing to their terms of use and whatnot.

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