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Campaigns & Elections is a political publication that is read by people who work in politics, elected officials, and people who would like to be elected to public office. The publication was established in 1980, and it is available online and in print. I want to point out a smart move the publication made, and I hope others will follow.

Yesterday morning, Campaigns & Elections published an informative  article about domain names. It’s an appropriate venue for such an article  because people running for office seem to make major blunders when it comes to domain strategy. How many times do we need to read an  embarrassing  article about a campaign registering the exact match domain name of an opponent before politicians realize this is a bad move?

Generally speaking, when industry publications write about domain names and offer advice, the articles aren’t really that insightful or helpful.  As I read through this particular article, I thought that it was well written and did a good job explaining why domain names are important and what types of domain names should be bought by a campaign. When I finished reading the article, I realized why it was such a good article.

The article was written by Jeremiah Johnston, an attorney who has served as general counsel at Sedo for many years. Instead of having a staff writer pen an article about a niche topic that he might not know all that much about, Campaigns & Elections had an expert write the article. I think that was a smart move and I hope other publications follow suit in the future.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the article. Never heard of it before but it might be useful for selling a couple of my names. Hopefully the politicians and campaign managers actually read it. Rather than using the cheapest hand reg name they can find.

  2. That’s smart thinking to use an established domain entity. It could help to promote your domains. interesting.


    Check your e-mail. Just sent a message. Thanks.

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