GoDaddy Encouraging Side Hustles


GoDaddy recently posted a job listing on LinkedIn for an Aftermarket Sales Account Executive, presumably on its Afternic team in the company’s Cambridge office. If you know of someone that is looking for a sales job and would be good at inbound domain name sales, perhaps this is the right opportunity for them.

When I was reading through the job description, something unusual caught my attention. The company is encouraging people who have a “side hustle” to keep it up while they are employed by GoDaddy:

“Continue to have a side hustle, if you have one (we love entrepreneurs, remember?)”

I think this is great, and this type of encouragement likely opens up the path for many more job prospects who might not have otherwise applied.

I know of at least a couple of people that work or worked at GoDaddy and had a side gig to earn extra income. In essence, they are like many of GoDaddy’s own customers who have a career but also have a passion project or gig on the side doing something they love. This type of entrepreneurial spirit is usually a non-starter at most companies.

The one thing I would say, and I am sure GoDaddy has a policy about it is that the side hustle shouldn’t compete with domain investors or utilize domain investor data. I wouldn’t want someone with access to my registration and sales data to use that to build their own investment portfolio. I would imagine there are rules in place to ensure that doesn’t happen.

It’s pretty unique to see a company encouraging future employees to carry on with a side hustle, and it’s not surprising that GoDaddy permits it.


    • Yes – click the link in the article for Aftermarket Sales Account Executive. It should take you to the job post on LinkedIn.

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