GoDaddy Comments on #BlackoutTuesday Logo Change

Earlier this afternoon, I wrote an article about a change I noticed on the GoDaddy homepage. The primary color scheme was changed to black and white, and the GoDaddy logo was exchanged with a grey on black GoDaddy icon. I speculated it was related to #BlackoutTuesday and the Black Lives Matter movement, and it looks like the speculation was correct.

I just heard back from a GoDaddy representative responding to my request for more information, and I was given a statement that explains why GoDaddy made this website change:

“GoDaddy stands for humanity, to make opportunity inclusive for all. Standing for inclusive opportunity means acknowledging social atrocities and injustices and helping to make meaningful change. So, when we say we stand for humanity, that means we stand with the Black community during this difficult time. In an act of symbolic acknowledgement of the pain many of our teammates, customers and communities feel, we are featuring an altered logo on our website and social presence.”

One thing that is notable and should be noted is that this change seems to have been made by GoDaddy without drawing any additional attention to it. I did not see any promotion about it on its social media accounts, nor did the company put out any press releases to draw attention to itself. Put simply, I do not believe GoDaddy is doing this as a marketing ploy.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Virtual signaling. There will always be ‘incidents’. But as always, the industry only sees the trees. Not the forest.

    Many, if not most, successful people of color do not believe their path was hindered by racism. Many of them, who have succeeded actually tell you, the only limiting factor is oneself – not skin color.

    We live in a world where evil preys on minorities, to amplify their voice, but to piggy-back the puppet masters own agenda. The weak-minded are easily manipulated by the sympathy play.

    GoDaddy, very fitting position to take, given the industry’s propensity to ignore, even outright dismiss *actual hard-facts* in order to perpetuate their own misguided views. Riots under the guise of ‘protests’.

    That ‘forest’, which they hope you’ll blissfully ignore:

    • I have to work 10times harder and smarter because of my skin color,the way I talk,the way I look and…etc etc.
      The sacrifices,the disappointments,the BS, and all the barriers just to get my foot in the door.
      Yes,success is based on oneself but is it necessary for me to go thru the shits that most whites don’t have to???

      • I do have experience regarding your position. I was born in Detroit. I worked there, at Detroit diesel. I had a black boss and worked with many other people of color. I was in the US NAVY, I worked with people of all kinds. The people that I ate lunch with, 5 of us, 2 black 2 white 1 hispanic. It was our niche. I’ve been in the middle of it all. I paid a lot of attention to what happens. In the big picture, I never saw blacks or any people of color having a hard time or being cast out. Everyone was always judged based on their personal demeanor. I never saw fewer blacks employed in regard to their population.

        In reality it’s hard for everyone. You aren’t being discriminated against in domaining. People are judgmental. Some people are racist. Some people like brown eyes some like blue. Blonde or brunette preference. Fighting for equality is in vain.

        I realize blacks are better at some things than whites. Generally sport, dancing, maybe more humorous…as a whole. Men and women have differences too. It’s a reality of life. Everyone needs to get over it and figure out what they’re good at.

        • I should say, fighting to be equal in everyone’s eyes is in vain. There will always be problems. Deal with the problems in a more refined way. To be viewed by EVERYONE as equal is not reasonable. People have biases. It will never change. Deal with incidents exactingly. Going wow-out isn’t helping the cause. It is harming your very cause in the eyes of the very peoples who’s views you most need to change.

        • You sound saner in this comment than previous ones you posted under

          If you real want to impress be, as I tell most racists, be individualistic; compare just yourself to other blacks or minorities, don’t rely on the achievement of white people in general. What are you better than blacks in doing?

          I want you to tell me now. What are you individually better in doing than blacks?

        • Thank you for your service…me a Navy Dad.

          Of course you have the exposure to see the world and knows the different cultures, for other folks they are in dark caves.

        • To:

          “Many of them, who have succeeded actually tell you, the only limiting factor is oneself – not skin color”.

          I bet you can’t explain how Mr. George Floyd who was suffocated because of his skin color, is not limited to succeed. If you think you can, go ahead and explain. But don’t digress, be succinct in explaining how Mr. Floyd can succeed when he ismurdered because of his skin color.

          Secondly, you stated that “I realize blacks are better at some things than whites.
          Generally sport, dancing, maybe more humorous…as a whole”.

          I have news for you, no race is better than any other in any thing. Many blacks are one million times better than you in math, and science too. Many are better at guitar playing, soccer, football yes, but also manufacturing, physics, and chemistry; the only thing you see is the white societies’ ability in this era, say 1000 years now, of holding the minorities, Africans, and other races down artificially, by organizing the world violently to do so. If you go to Africa, and get the high school students to compete with your own people in your race, I can bet you anything, that you will not be able to select what race is better with prejudice; each race will hold their own. I have a lot of white friends who dance better than Michael Jackson!

          Check your bigotry!

        • It’s in general. A generalization.

          Is ‘black lives matter’ not a generalization? In general, races and sexes excel at one thing or another. There are almost always exceptions, as in anything.

          The whole context of this riots is about generalizations. Perhaps the ‘reason’ for the protests WAS about George, but then, it was high-jacked by a general idealism.

          It’s about anti-government and a demand for anarchy. The proof is in the pudding. They’re targeting brothers and not the true perpetrators of their perceived inequality.

          It’s about lawlessness. If you struggle with police, sit in middle of the road, you aren’t being peaceful. You are simply spitting in the face of our legal system and infrastructure. These people want to bring the country down. They have no idea the ramifications of that.

          There BIG-TIME scammers that the masses are ignorant of! Instead these mobs choose the easy targets, regardless of their very targets standing beside them!

          The proof is in the pudding. Look at what Nike says and does. Yet their stores are looted. This isn’t about George or BLM. This has been a LONG time coming and unfortunately, people don’t know WHO to go after.

          Government has done A LOT for equal opportunity. Government is the last ones people should be pointing their finger at.

          It’s not racist to point out that people are different. And races have tendencies. I know it’s a fact. Indians win spelling-bees. I mean, I could really go on and on. I shouldn’t have to.

          I can’t help that things are the way they are. I won’t ignore reality though.

        • George is one of a relatively few mishandlings by a bad apple. It’s going to happen, unless you think this world and everyone in it is perfect.

          Him being black is one thing, but it happens to whites too. I can show videos of even sicker white on white police killing by suffocation than what happened there.

          There are injustices for all races from time to time. I even have my own stories of racism against me. From individuals and government too. We can all cry about one thing or another.

          What is happening though, is perhaps revenge against innocent people and businesses! The response to the killing isn’t sane. Not the looting and destruction of society.

          I can go A LOT harder if you would like to argue about how races are rather different (or not, as you say). It won’t be pretty, because my ideas are realistic, based on evidence. The evidence will probably infuriate you. I’ll be a ‘bigot’ for pointing out facts.

        • And if you really want to politicize the moment. It’d be prudent to point out that the Republican party was created with the foremost agenda to abolish slavery. That and there is no evidence of Trump being racist – all hearsay.

          Hate and lies destroying you. People, including domainers, welcome the lies, as long as it benefits their own interests. And that is the root of the problem.

          There are FAR too many lies to debunk. And they perpetuate. Exactly why humanity is doomed. Fools and satanic puppet-masters.

          Social justice warriors and snowflakes promote the philosophy of “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”. It’s said is so the evil manipulating you can operate unopposed, as there’s only bad to be spoken of them.

          It should be, “If you have nothing nice to say, shut up and bend over”.

          All your hate is misplaced. The whole of society has been brainwashed to submit to the evils, and ya’ll distracted from the real people causing MOST your grief.

          I do doubt 99.99% of people have any concept of ‘their real problems’.

        • You jumping all over the map, making silly and ignorant statements.

          The question was, tell me what you in particular does better than blacks.

          I will not be offended. tell me how you in particular is superior to anybody else?

          The protesters come in all shapes, hue, and races. Your small aperture won’t let you see beyond that myopic prism of yours. Those upset with the killing of George Floyd are from all races, not just blacks. Those who support BLM come in all races.

          The family of George Floyd themselves, along with virtually all responsible black people have condemned the looting, and violence conducted by people from all races.

          Donald Trump, or support for him is not the issue; many blacks support Trump, and many don’t. Many whites supported Obama, and many didn’t. That is not the topic.

          Tell me what you have, and what you do that is superior to blacks, you in particular, forget about other white people, you! Only you. What do you have that is superior to blacks?

          That’s the way to solve the generalization.

        • And as far as police acting racist, let me enlighten you with some reality, personal experiences.

          Now I have a half dozen, one is really rude, but I won’t talk about that. These were all white cops. White cops from a rich area. One of the top 5 richest counties in the USA. Just some perspective.

          I rode my bike back and forth from work, 6 miles. Being green, healthy, all that. Things society tries to ‘promote’.

          There’s a problem with that. It’s UNUSUAL. Especially at 3AM.

          I’ve been rolled up on, spotlight in my face, police guns drawn and pointed, hands in the air. They come up, don’t say a word, check all my pockets, recklessly. Never ask my name, nothing. What happened? “You fit the description of someone we’re looking for”.

          On the topic of bike riding, I’ve been stopped on the (always unused) sidewalk along side a 2-lane 55mph highway. The cop checks me out as usual, hands in pocket all that…he just HAS to tell me what to do! Tell me the sidewalk isn’t safe. I need to go in the MEDIAN and WALK my bike home. Now, the grass is tall and wet. There are things called Michigan turn-arounds, where traffic doesn’t stop in my path. There are no cross-walks. It’s 3AM and I was forced to cross (illegally) those dangerous turn-arounds (cars use to turn down the other side of the highway).

          I was in ONE minor car accident my whole life. I was trying to turn left down a 2-lane highway, and some lady that JUST bought her new car slowed WAY down as I was pulling out. I put a tiny hole in her bumper. Cops suspect me of something, call the ambulance and force me to take a diabetic test. They stick me with needle against my will, threatening me “resisting arrest” while I protested. They even went as far as tacking on fleeing and eluding. I protested that too, pointing out that I was 200′ feet from where the ‘accident’ happened.

          Yea I didn’t get killed. But stupid stuff happens to everyone. I have lots of reasons to hate the police. But harming innocent people and burning down the city doesn’t justify me.

          Yall are way out of line. You alone aren’t being persecuted for being black.

        • I’m not here to answer your questions. What are you, the police? I’ll talk about what I want. I didn’t say I was better than blacks in general. Why do you insist I tell you, to entrap me? F-off.

          You already disputed me saying there are differences within sex and races, in general. You called me a bigot and gave ‘tree-like’ examples to dispute my observations that certain groups excel at SOME things than others.

          Now that you’ve disputed that, I won’t fall into any trick like ‘how I might be better (or more prone to being better)’. You already proved you don’t agree with the whole idea. You only try provoking me to say ‘why I might be better’ my individualism. What IF I am the best in the world at something? Right? Then what can you say?

          Total typical domainer mindset. Always need to disclaim, “*usually, not always”. Of course there are exceptions! There is practically NOTHING that can be said absolutely in regard to MANY of the things we talk about. They are generalization, tendencies – data indicates.

        • “Yea I didn’t get killed”. – by

          Dude, that’s what the whole debate is all about. Life! Black lives Matter, just like yours. You didn’t get killed because of your skin color; Floyd did.

          Thats the reason BLM is name “Black Lives Matter”, and not “BRBA3AM”, (Black Riding Bike at 3 AM Matter)”.

        • You really want to press the issue though, still? I am not going to say how I personally am better. You will always be able to drive wedges. What you need are hard facts. Hard facts, the ‘big picture’ that prove my ‘claim’ some races excel at some things more than others.

          Do you REALLY want to go down that road? I think we both know it’ll end up favoring my ‘claim’. I guess though, I’m not CNN, so you probably won’t believe it.

          I’ll spare no one. I’m not racist, just a realist.

          Chinese are typically analytical but not creative. They are a great example of being a product of their environment. Their gov force them to think the way they do. It’s brainwashing. They are suppressed. They on the other hand, HATE to hear it (in general – hello!)

          Yes. So while the black community embraces the idea they are suppressed, the (typical…but thankfully changing) Chinese will disown the idea.

          Races have differences beyond skin color. Get over it.

        • There are so many examples of white on white and black on black violence (police violence too). Way more than your BLM cause. Look at the DATA rather than your ‘feelings’ and ‘one example’.

          Your problem isn’t about race. There are no ‘killing’ injustice from one race towards blacks to justify your cause. Get a clue. There is injustice everywhere. All you know is race-baiting like the media taught you.

        • Black Americans are twice as likely to die from COVID-19.

          Imagine that. Somehow, we’re not all the same. Or as you probably see it, nature is racist! If not, how you going to stop that racist CV-19? Better yet, they aren’t getting the same care as other races!

          Merely pointing out these facts makes me a racist in your eyes. Hate to have to sound ridiculous to point out examples of races having differences beyond skin color.

        • Look, I’m leaving now. I did answer your question above. The ‘matter-of-fact data’ That I tend to follow.

          So again, to oblige you: Due to my white privilege, I am better at surviving the Corona virus. Hope that doesn’t make me a bigot too.

        • LOL!

          Alright man, have a good night.

          Tonight instead of counting sheep to fall asleep, count the number of 200 year white neighbors you have; better yet visit old-folk homes, and see that we are all the same. Nobody is living above 100-120 years, and those blessed to live that long come from all races.

          Your Chinese example is not racism, it’s true. LOL


        • Yea I don’t have 200 neighbors. You probably hate me for it too, but your provocation is driven by a false assumption by you.

          I live in the middle of nowhere. Literally 1m acre national forest behind me. There is 1 house to the east, then 20+ miles of national forest on that side. In the front, the largest lake in the world.

          The only thing I hear at night are crickets. Enjoy your riots though. Maybe you can count the gunshots?

          I removed myself from the situation. It’s called, doing shit for yourself. Shame on me though, right?

          Anyone staying in a city should really consider the future. Notice all the support for indiscriminate terrorism and calls to invade your suburbs.

        • You’ve already proved to be the racist by judging per my neighbors. Calling them ‘white’. That’s you trying to be derogatory, but most people reading this see it for what it is.

          Let’s talk about neighbors, right? Go stand on Inkster road, with Dearborn to the west and Detroit to the east. You’ll see the city limit signs. Look both ways. If you’re going to investigate, what better place?

          That way, you see for yourself.

          I know for myself, the divide there is more evident there than anywhere else in the world. I know, with an open mind, you’ll see then, what a difference neighbors make.

          Instead of listening to what I already said, you judge me based on the color of my neighbors skin. Somehow, where I choose to live makes me racist. Excuse me embracing squalor.

          It is what it is, as they say.

    • That silly 2003 phony FBI statistics of murder by race is often cited by bigots, but is grossly misused. It’s a singular year of extreme gang violence in urban areas. It in no way reflects the reality of things.

  2. Yes I have all the qualifications and the skills the do the job but but but
    You don’t fit into our culture….company culture.

    Tell me what the fuck means …of course shitheads, I don’t fit because I am different..
    that their reason for not being hired…
    I can write a book on it.

  3. Even my fellow domainers here ridicule me and you know who you are.
    Why the f do I want to waste my money and time on attending domain conferences…
    The only conferences I attend are technical conferences where skills matter and not skin color.

  4. Having that said, we…non whites have that 7th sense,we can read body language, we know what coming and always aware of our surroundings.

    We can read all the oxymoron words


  5. Let me tell you a story…
    In the 80s, I was eating rice with lots of veggies tofu fish and got ridiculed,,,yikes
    .stinkie meat …blah blah
    Fast forward…I see more whites at panda Express eating with chopsticks….and eating healthier and more non whites eating yakie food.

  6. Your all wrong ! LOL
    Go Daddy – Thank you, peacefull showing of solidarity is always welcome.
    From my perspective this is about abuse of authority that we the people entrust to public servants and the glaring inequality of justice applied.

    We The People are the definition of Authority in America,
    Public SERVANTS, respect that fact !

    Protesters – the representation of all backgrounds that is America.

    Rioters- Our youth ! They clearly need attention. it’s cheaper to import educated intelligence than to educate our own.
    Someone has thier attention and it clearly isn’t someone who has their best intersts in mind.
    Wish you all well


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