Go Daddy Back On Top – Did Google+ Have Something To Do With It?


When it comes to organic results on Google searches for the keyword terms “domain name” and “domain names,” it’s been a battle between NameCheap and Go Daddy  (at least in terms of commercial websites). I am sure the higher ranking means a noticeable difference in business, so these terms are ultra competitive.

A few weeks ago, NameCheap outranked Go Daddy  for the “domain name” search, but it now appears that Go Daddy is ranking higher, although both companies trail the Wikipedia definition page.  I am wondering if Google Plus +1 has anything to do with the rankings.

Here are a couple of observations I made:

When NameCheap was ranked higher for the “domain name” SERP, the number of +1 the company had on Google Plus was shown below its listing. At the time of my article, NameCheap had 1,019 Google +1, and  the company now has 1,367 +1  .

I initially wrote about the NameCheap vs. Go Daddy ranking battle on April 20th. I did not see how many Google +1 that Go Daddy had at that time, but the company currently shows 1,522 +1 below its listing on the search results page.

According to GoDaddy’s Google Plus page on March 9, the company announced, “we’re setting up shop here on Google+.” From March 9 – April 20, GoDaddy had just nine posts on its Google+ wall. From April 21 – today (approximately the same time period), Go Daddy has posted 22 times on its Google+ wall, and that has increased its Google+ activity.

While I wouldn’t label this statistically significant information, it seems possible that Go Daddy’s Google Plus activity led to more +1, and  perhaps this helped lift them over their competitor.


  1. Google+ is definitely being weighted very heavily in G’s algo.. I’ve been seeing similar results across multiple verticals where the number of +1s is directly affecting the rankings in both personalized and non personalized search results.

  2. @Amanda said: “Google+ is definitely being weighted very heavily in G’s algo”

    Sounds like Google needs to be paid a visit by the Dept of Justice. Think I will make that call to them…….

    Didnt Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Standard Oil, etc pull this sort of BS?

    I hate google.

  3. @Mike2 That is a sorry argument. Google offers its opinion of the most relevant search results based on their own methodology. If users don’t like it, they can go get another search engine’s opinion. Yet the reality is the market has spoken and clearly reflects that nearly everyone prefers Google’s results. By your line of thought you’d auto makers couldn’t recommend their own autos above others.

    Its fine you don’t like Google, no one is forcing you to, but to think that the Government should force them to change their methodology is frightening. This isn’t 1950’s Russia.

  4. Google + is a failure. Isn’t it interesting that “Organic” search is being influenced by Google Properties. Hello Lawsuits! Not really Organic is it?

    I also doubt a 1/2 swap is going to effect business much. GoDaddy offers a lot of services and support that NameCheap as a Reseller can not offer. NameCheap’s sole marketing ploy is price. NameSilo has them beat for price. So what is the USP for NameCheap?

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